12 Surprising Causes Of Acne In Adults

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You use special cleansers, anti-inflammation masks, and night creams, but it still hasn’t helped with acne. And every morning you wake up, you see a new red spot on your cheek. This is stressful and unpleasant as you spend most of your time and money to get rid of acne.

So what is really important for you to know is that your current routine may not be what your face needs. It may even be making your skin worse. Here are some reasons why you are still battling acne and failing no matter how hard you try.

Top Reasons For Adult Acne

Here are some major reasons for acne, you might not know.

1.You Are Taking Steroids

If you eat and drink the same thing every day, say, for breakfast, it significantly affects your body. For example, protein shakes and bars contain traces of steroids, although this is not mentioned on the labels. Make a little change in the diet, more organic food, and you will notice a great difference in skin condition.

2.You Are Using Too Many Skin Products

Even if you think multi-step treatments are the best solution for getting rid of acne, it can be a fatal mistake. Too many different products irritate your skin and dry it out, so be careful. Plus, if you use exfoliating and cleansers too often, you will remove all the surface oil, not the sebum in the follicle, which can be a problem. Cosmetologists recommend using products like peels and scrubs no more than once a week.

3.Your Hormones Are Out Of Control

If you are constantly struggling with acne, you may need to donate some blood for tests to understand what is going on inside. Good skin care may not be enough if your hormone levels are abnormal.

A blood test can also reveal polycystic syndrome, an enlarged pituitary gland, which interferes with conventional skin treatment. If something is wrong inside, the doctor will prescribe a special treatment that will help balance the hormones.

4.You Use Drugs

Another reason for having unhealthy skin is that you use drugs. People who drink alcohol excessively or have opioid use disorder have dull skin. As these substances cause dehydration in the body, this leads to unwanted acne. Such acne normally appears around the ears and on the forehead. You need to drink more water and cut off drugs for restoring skin’s health.

5.You Keep Makeup Brushes Dirty

When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? Wash them fully, in warm water, rinsing thoroughly, not just wiping with a cotton pad and cleanser. Bacteria accumulate on them, which leads to purulent breakouts. To prevent all these germs from getting on your face, rinse concealers and brushes at least once a week.

6.Your Hair Products Get On Your Skin

Do you think a hot curl from a roller won’t do any harm to your skin? You are seriously mistaken. If you use oils, foams, and styling spray, be careful not to let any strand get on your face. The ingredients in hair products can be really harmful to your skin. This can be especially noticeable if you have constant irritation on your cheeks and forehead.

7.You Have Internal Inflammation

Not all acne causes are external. Sometimes this is a sign of internal inflammation. Try reducing inflammation-decreasing foods like sugars and starches. Add healthy foods like green vegetables, nuts, blueberries, and oranges. The difference in your skin will be obvious.

8.You Are Allergic To Something

If the acne persists and the change in diet does not reduce it, it is time to examine the stomach. It is possible that you are lactose or another substance intolerant. And only an allergist and a dermatologist can tell how this affects you. Otherwise, you can also be tested for hormones.

9.Your Makeup Doesn’t Suit You

If you are doing full-fledged make-up every day, perhaps you should update the brands that you use. Foundations can contain a long list of ingredients with harmful chemicals, colors, preservatives, and fragrances. The non-mineral formulas of these products get easily absorbed into the skin, clogging pores in it and aggravating acne.

In addition, they often contain oils that disrupt the natural balance of the skin. Try mineral cosmetics that are designed to stay on the skin’s surface while creating a natural barrier against environmental factors.

10.Your Phone Is To Blame

Microbiologists claim that our phone has on average more than 25,000 germs and bacteria per square centimeter. We touch doorknobs, money, and handrails in public transport, and with the same hands, we touch our phones.

Then, when the phone touches the cheek while talking, all bacteria enter the pores of the skin, leading to inflammation. Using antibacterial wipes before you start talking on the phone will greatly reduce your risk of inflammation.

11.You Constantly Touch Your Face

Most often, a new breakthrough occurs due to mechanical damage. For example, if you constantly rest your head on your hands while sitting for a long time.

Maybe it’s the hairband you wear before training, or maybe you just need to change your pillowcase more often. The fewer such factors in your life, the lower will be the risk of inflammation.

12.You Stay Worried

Even the best skincare routine doesn’t work if you’re under severe stress. This obvious but overlooked problem in fighting is your mental state. Learn to regulate stress; walk more often if you’re feeling depressed, and your skin will look fresh.

Take Away

Apart from oily skin, there are several other reasons for skin acne. We have listed the most common ones in this article. The cause of acne can be internal as well as external; thus, you need to take care of your skin and be gentle with it.

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