4 Shoe Styles For Men This Spring/Summer 18

Wanda Rice

Step it up! It’s time for summer! With the warmer weather upon us and the likely introduction of a pair of cropped pants or short shorts, I thought it would be time to look at four shoe styles for men this Spring/Summer. Here I’ll cover the Single Monk, the Double Monk, the Croc Print Loafer and the Woven Tassel Loafer. These shoes can be dressed up or down and will also work with the sockless look.

  • Single Monk Shoes

    The monk has been dominating the fashion industry for a while. Single monk shoes are subtle, sleek and elegant. The single monk shoe works well for any occasion from a dress-down style to a full suit and tie, and a host of accessories from hats to RayBan sunglassesand more. Single monk shoes add a sleeker edge and are a versatile addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. For those opting for a more classic look, single strap monk shoes can add a formal vibe without looking too bulky.

  • Double Monk Shoes

    These shoes can be worn with all pant types and are especially suitable for modern gent. Choosing a neutral tone such as tan or suede can make a statement and can contrast nicely with a blue suit. There are also plenty of appropriate pairings for a less formal style. For instance, slim fitting chinos and jeans look great with a pair of double monk shoes, giving an on-point contemporary style that will separate you from the crowd

  • Croc print loafer

    Croc loafers provide extreme comfort and style, especially during the summer months. They’re a mix between traditional and modern styles and are the kind of shoes that complete a stylish casual look when paired with some cropped pants and a linen shirt. An oxblood colour will go with most pant styles and will give your outfit a polished look.

If you are going for a more formal look, the croc loafer can look great with a well tailored suit with a cropped pant and no socks. An open neck shirt with a blazer and pocket square will have you looking smart casual but also very sharp. You can add a tie to dress up the look slightly as well. Having a cropped pant allows the focus to remain on the shoe.

  • Woven Tassel Loafer

The tassel loafer was first seen in the early 60s when American gentlemen wore them with suits. The trend continued and was also seen in Italy and other European countries. The loafers really made their mark when they were introduced by none other than leading luxury brand, Gucci.

The tassel loafer in the 60’s was worn more formally then it is today. Fast forward 50 years and the shoe has evolved, with new styles release including the woven tassel loafer. The colours were previously limited to brown and black, but now more shades of those colours are seen in store this Spring/Summer. The tassel loafer looks awesome with a suit and cropped pant, a pair of cropped chino pants and even with a pair of chino shorts. The woven nature of the shoe adds some texture to your look while also adding some breathability. A must have item in your wardrobe this Spring/Summer.

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