5 Eco-Friendly Halloween Décor Ideas

Wanda Rice

5 Eco-Friendly Halloween Décor Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. But with the rising climate crisis, staying eco-friendly throughout the event may pose a challenge.

Parents must teach their children the importance of being eco-friendly. Most store-bought decorations are made from plastic that cannot be recycled and is covered with toxic paint. They may pose a little threat when they end up in the rubbish.

But need not worry; countless DIY ideas and vendors support the eco-friendly ideology that makes it easier for people to keep environmental impact at a minimum. Following are some ideas you can use to get you started.

Harvest Your Pumpkin

Giving your area’s local pumpkin patch is on almost everyone’s bucket lists. Taking a trip to a local pumpkin patch is an efficient way to minimise emissions while looking for the perfect pumpkin. Once carved, make sure to recycle the carvings either by roasting or composting them together.

Eco-Friendly Trick Or Treating

For children, an essential part of Halloween is comparing who got the most sweets by the end of the night. This means they dump a lot of plastic wrappings; there are many ways to prevent this. You can switch from candies to fruits or choose eco-friendly treats like granola bars to be less wasteful for the night.

DIY Spiderwebs

Since we are going zero-waste this Halloween, ditch the fake spider webs and create your own. The DIY spiderweb only requires black yarn, pipes, and a pair of scissors, and you are good to go!

Egg Carton Bats

Up your eco-friendly game by recycling egg cartons and transforming them into bats. You can easily create cute egg carton bats using non-toxic black paint and some googly eyes.


Ghost Lanterns

Instead of purchasing lanterns to light up the stairs of your home, save milk jars and attach LED lights to them. To show more creativity, use a black marker to draw faces on them. After, watch them light up your night. You can also use metal tins as an alternative.


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