5 Reasons to See An OB/GYN Specialist Regularly

Wanda Rice

Scheduling an appointment with a South Charleston board-certified ob-gyn can be a stressful experience among most men. The constant fear of learning that you could be having a sexual or reproductive health issue is enough to make you avoid seeing a gynecologist altogether. However intimidating a gynecological visit may seem to be, it is better to be clear about your health rather than live in ignorance. So if you have been delaying the idea of seeing a doctor at Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc, the following reasons for visiting your gynecologist/obstetrician will help you make a wise decision.

To have peace of mind

Gynecological care does more than treating diseases and examining hidden conditions. It also involves helping you maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. So whether you are visiting a gynecologist for the first or fifteenth time, it would be best to know how your overall health is for your peace of mind.

For breast examinations

Do you have a family history of breast cancer? If yes, it would be best to make regular visits to a gynecologist. Such conditions run in the family. So even if you have checked for lumps in your breast yet have a family history of breast cancer, avoiding a checkup would not be a good idea. The good news is most hospitals conduct annual detection for breast cancer and create awareness on the same topic.

To monitor your pregnancy

Whether you are looking to get pregnant or want to monitor how your pregnancy is fairing, ensuring you see an obstetrician regularly is essential. You want to go through this journey with someone who has a background understanding of how the birthing process works. It also helps to detect if your pregnancy is high risk.

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To detect STIs

STIs like Candidiasis are common even in people who do not engage in unprotected sexual intercourse. Some people may experience a burning sensation, itchiness, or abnormal discharge during the late stages of an STI condition. Others may not feel anything unless they get examined or tested for STI. Regular OB/GYN visits are mandatory to detect STIs before they damage reproductive organs and affect a person’s quality of life. So even if you feel okay, it would be best to see a specialist to have peace of mind.

To get enlightened

Information about gynecological procedures is available online, but you cannot rely on everything you read. Sometimes, all it takes is to see a specialist get real-life info about reproductive or sexual health issues. So if you have questions lingering in your mind about the two topics, schedule a visit to a gynecologist immediately.

Book your gynecological appointment as soon as possible

Whether you have developed symptoms pointing to an STI, want to get enlightened, or need to have peace of mind, making regular appointments with a gynecologist/obstetrician is necessary. While at it, ensure your specialist is board-certified. To learn more about services that such specialists conduct, schedule an online consultation with one today.

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