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6 Possible Endometriosis Signs to Watch Out

6 Possible Endometriosis Signs to Watch Out

Endometriosis is one of the popular health complications affecting many women globally. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, the condition can lead to serious complications like infertility, and that is why Midwood endometriosis specialists encourage every woman to be watchful for early signs. Therefore, it is good to educate yourself about the symptom to seek the right treatment at the right time as the condition can be effectively managed when caught earlier. Here are some signs you can watch out for to catch endometriosis.

Severely Painful Periods

You can experience severe pain during your periods due to several factors, but you should rule out endometriosis. Intense pain during your periods is one of the main common reasons for endometriosis. Therefore, it is suitable to consult your doctor about your pain to understand why it is happening. Your provider will also help you understand when the pain is unusual since it is common to experience normal cramps during your periods. Since endometriosis involves the endometrial tissue developing outside the uterus, it will not be easily shed, causing extra pressure that causes pressure that results in pain far from normal cramps.

Watch for Chronic Pain

If you have endometriosis, you will not only experience severe pain during your periods, but the pain can become ongoing. You should consider an endometriosis diagnosis if you are undergoing persistent pain that does not go away even after your periods are over. Additionally, the endometrial tissue may adhere to spaces in your pelvic cavity, and your pain might extend to your lower back or anywhere in your pelvic region.

Sexual Intercourse is Painful

If you are not enjoying sex with your partner and experiencing pain instead, this could be due to endometriosis. When endometriosis is the cause, you might not experience pain upon entry but experience serious pain with deep penetration. This happens because when the endometrial tissue develops behind your vagina, it can stretch or get pulled during intercourse. Although you can get some relief by asking your partner to go slow or stop, it is essential to seek a diagnosis soon.

Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

Endometriosis can cause you to bleed excessively during your periods. Therefore, please consult your doctor immediately if you notice that your period is becoming heavier than usual. Periods are unique to every woman. But if you notice you are changing your sanitary product every one hour, pass large blood clots, or bleed for over a week, consider your bleeding excessively heavy and contact your doctor for help. Without taking action quickly, you can experience fatigue and anemia.

You Can Not Get or Stay Pregnant

If you are experiencing fertility issues, endometriosis could be the reason. About half of all women who have had challenges getting or staying pregnant have been diagnosed with endometriosis. When an endometrial implant develops on your reproductive organs, fertilization can be blocked, making it difficult to conceive. But with proper treatment, you can still get pregnant and increase your odds of having a baby.

Bowel Movements Issues

Endometriosis can also make bowel movements or urination difficult or painful. Although other factors could also cause this, talking to your endometriosis specialist about it is good. Therefore, seek help if you find blood in your stool or you experience nausea or constipation. Your provider will recommend several options to alleviate your symptoms.

Understanding how endometriosis manifests itself will help you catch it early to get the help you need. Reach out to Dr. Gregory Shifrin, OB/GYN, today if you are experiencing any of the earlier mentioned symptoms for help. Your provider will rule out or confirm endometriosis and recommend effective treatments.

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