7 Simple Ways to Extend Your Life Expectancy

Wanda Rice

We all want to live as long as possible, but the magic elixir of youth has not yet been found, although scientists have been putting forward quite bold theories for many years and suggest various methods of rejuvenation. But we do not need extra years of life if they are filled with illness and suffering.

Therefore, the quality of life, largely due to the state of physical and mental health, is just as important as its duration. To maintain activity and good spirits and live up to 90-100 years does not seem to be an unrealistic task today. But what does a person need to do to achieve longevity? Let’s figure it out.

How to Add Extra Years to Your Life?

There are many ways to extend your life. These range from stress management techniques to dietary discipline. Take a look at these ten ways to help you maintain optimal health as you age, and appreciate their simplicity and affordability. Try to embrace each area and incorporate it into your daily life, point by point. This will ensure that you are recovering a healthy and balanced lifestyle that leads to longevity.

Eliminate Stress 

Stress can be a silent killer as it leads to heart disease and inflammation in various organs, causing a range of health problems, including asthma, diabetes, and depression. It is not for nothing that doctors are paying more and more attention to psychosomatics.

It is the area of ​​studying the effect of stress on somatic diseases. More and more evidence supports the notion that most of the diseases are from the nerves. However, there are ways to deal with stress. So take practical steps as soon as you notice that your stress is disrupting your daily routine.

Give Up Alcohol

There are studies that show that drinking in moderation and in the right drinks (like quality red wine) has health benefits. But not all experts support this point of view. Most doctors believe there is no safe dose of alcohol as it leads to the development of diseases that can be fatal.

Experts believe that regular consumption of such drinks leads to addiction, which is life-threatening. If you are also addicted to alcohol, do not worry; there are many ways to get rid of it. The different States provide different rehab programs to its citizen.

For example, there are many state-funded treatment programs in Nevada, as the government is making efforts to make the treatment affordable for everyone, without exception. You can take advantage of these facilities and choose to live longer by giving up alcohol.

Eat Well

When we are younger, we can sometimes take liberties with our diet. But as we age, irrational food choices take their toll. It’s easy to make sure you’re eating right – just stick to unprocessed, natural, and fresh foods.

You can never go wrong with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, healthy fats, and rare treats. Make healthy eating a normal part of your life in middle age, and in old age, you will step into a much healthier person.

Quit Smoking

More than 5 million smokers die annually worldwide due to the effects of addiction, and another 600,000 nonsmokers die from exposure to secondhand smoke. Therefore, by giving up this habit, you take care not only of your health but also of the health of your loved ones.  Tobacco smoke destroys the bronchi and lungs, poisons the body, wears out blood vessels, and reduces life expectancy.

Is happiness key to living longer?

Remember: every cigarette you smoke is minus 7 minutes of your life. There are many ways to quit smoking. Do not take gentle and comfortable ways to quit nicotine. It is worth fighting a bad habit radically without replacing it with other, less harmful devices (vapes, electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches, hookah, etc.). They are harmful and only alienate you from your main goal – to quit smoking. Show willpower and quit smoking once and for all.

Sleep Well 

When it comes to sleep, everyone has slightly different needs, but a long period without adequate and quality sleep can lead to illness. Aim to get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night and always get up at the same time every day to maintain a full sleep cycle that depends on your body clock or circadian rhythms. If insomnia develops and you are not able to get rid of it, consult a doctor. You need to address this problem as early as possible. 

Get A Pet

According to scientists, the presence of pets helps to maintain health, psychological comfort and prolong the life of their owners for several years. On average, pet owners have more stable blood pressure and a healthier cardiovascular system.

The medical literature describes cases when patients recovered completely from their ailment due to their pets. So walking with a dog or cat is a physical activity that can prolong life.

Stay Active

If you have a dog, this will be easy enough as you will be walking with it daily. However, even if the dog is not there, everyone needs exercise, so be as active as possible, taking into account your general condition and existing pathologies.

Any form of exercise you enjoy will be more beneficial than lying on the couch or sitting in front of the TV. Adding strenuous exercise to your schedule will help protect your muscle mass as you age and strengthen your bones.

Try To Stay Optimistic

Optimism is the best life strategy! It is optimism, faith in the best that improves well-being throughout life. So look to the future with optimism and be the most positive and active person. This will allow you to gain additional strength and the desire to live longer.

Take Away

We all wish to live longer, and we can fulfill our desire by adopting the healthy habits listed above. With such an active lifestyle, you can add more years to your life. Try to make amendments from today to get a better tomorrow.

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