Advantages of straightening your teeth with Invisalign

Wanda Rice

Invisalign London is a modern method of teeth straightening that has proven highly popular amongst adults who either avoided orthodontic treatment when they were younger or want to perfect their smiles further by straightening their teeth. It is ideal for those who want to improve the appearance of their smile without drawing unwanted attention to their mouth. This is because Invisalign is different to traditional orthodontic treatment. It uses a patented thermoplastic to create aligners which fit snugly over your teeth and apply pressure and move them into a straighter formation. The aligners work as a sequence. They push the teeth in small increments for comfortable treatment and long-term results. If your teeth are quickly straightened this can have adverse effects and your teeth can relapse into their original positions. Invisalign works by moving your teeth by approximately 0.25mm over the course of two weeks until you move on to the next aligner in the series. Invisalign can be used for mild, moderate and complex orthodontic issues of the teeth. It is better suited for mild to moderate issues as for complex cases it may take longer to straighten your teeth or you may need a combined treatment plan to help you achieve optimal results.

Modern Invisalign aligners

First introduced in 1999, in just over 23 years Invisalign has already helped correct more than 14 million smiles across the world. Each Invisalign aligner is custom designed using the latest in digital dental technology. Models are 3D printed and the thermoplastic is moulded over these models to create clear, comfortable aligners that are almost invisible in your mouth. The aligners are BPA free and latex-free, preventing any allergic reactions. One of the advantages of Invisalign aligners is that they are removable and can be taken out of your mouth at any time. This means that they are highly convenient. You can take them out for a special occasion, meeting, interview or date! They need to be removed at meal times and if you drink anything other than water, which means that during the process you do not have any dietary restrictions, rather you can enjoy all your favourite foods and drinks.


Maintaining healthy teeth and gums

By taking the aligners out of your mouth you can also maintain your normal dental hygiene routine. You can brush and floss your teeth effectively, which is not always possible with other types of orthodontic treatment. That means with Invisalign there is less chance of developing cavities, tooth decay or gum disease while straightening your teeth, as often reported by patients with fixed braces. Although they are removable it is important that you wear the aligners for approximately 22 hours of the day to achieve optimal results. If you forget to wear them correctly then this can affect the end result. It can prolong the treatment time, it can increase the cost and you may not be able to achieve the results that you are looking for.


Treatment times

Treatment time with Invisalign varies from patient to patient. If you are looking for minor aesthetic adjustments then this can be done in 3 to 6 months. If you have mild or moderate orthodontic issues then it may take approximately 6 to 12 months to straighten your teeth and for patients with more complex cases the treatment can take 12 to 24 months.

Another advantage is that you do not need to visit the dental practice very often. Unlike traditional braces which need to be adjusted from time to time, with Invisalign you simply move on to the next aligner in the sequence. You will have the full set of aligners or at least several aligners at a time and you will follow your dentist’s instructions to switch to the next aligner when it is time to do so.

You can keep in touch with your dentist through the online monitoring app where they can provide you with feedback on a weekly basis or more often when necessary. If you have any concerns, you can visit the dentist in person. It is also recommended that you have your teeth professionally cleaned at least once every six months as you would do normally. To find out if Invisalign is suitable for you then you need to speak to your dentist and undergo a dental examination. As long as you have healthy teeth and gums they will be able to put together a treatment plan for you. If not, then your teeth will need to be treated before you can begin Invisalign. Invisalign is an excellent alternative to traditional braces, especially if you are looking for a more discreet, convenient and flexible form of orthodontic treatment, so speak to your dentist today and find out more.

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