BODYtite – Minimally Invasive Body Contouring Solution

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People love to have a perfectly shaped body all time. Some people prefer to go on a diet or practices gym to lose excess fat and to maintain a healthy shape but the obstinate fat and excess skin may stay.  Fatty body with an imperfect shape could not only be overwhelming and impacts your self-esteem. Are you tired of practicing exercises and diets? Still, love to lose your excess fat? We are here with a solution! In recent years we can see multiple body contouring procedures. The innovation of technologies allows you to get a minimally invasive skin tightening and body contouring treatment. One of the best innovations that has seen a lot of limelight is BODYtite

What is BODYtite?

BodyTite is a bipolar, radiofrequency assisted system offering a minimally invasive body contouring. BODYtite is a complete surgery-free and without scar treatment to shape your body. The contouring procedure is particularly designed to treat your loosened skin in abdomen, upper back, arms, thighs/knees and breast. Both men and women can attain the slim and youthful contours with BodyTite procedure. BodyTite also improves the sagging skin which may be due to excessive weight loss or due to ageing.

How does it work?

BodyTite uses certain radiofrequency to tighten up the skin by dissolving the fat and removes the excess fat similar to liposuction. The complete procedure relies on Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) reducing stubborn fat and improving skin tightening. The BodyTite machine transfers a managed and controlled heat to the targeted area. This allows the targeted fat cells to melt away and can be removed through a tiny incision. The incision is usually made in an inconspicuous location of your body to heal completely and is invisible. No worries about a scar. The heating process also helps the contraction, tightening and a firm collagen growth which reflects a perfect contouring. BodyTite is usually performed with local anesthesia or sedation.

How is it performed?

BodyTite device has a thin probe and a sensor attached to a monitoring system. The thin probe is inserted under the skin meanwhile the sensor senses the temperature from above the skin. As the device uses radiofrequency once the surgeon moves the RF handpiece sliding above your body, the device generates electrical currents between the two probes, thus producing heat. The heat generated using radiofrequency dissolves the fat cells activates collagen with skin tightening and contraction. The dissolved fat has to be removed with gentle liposuction and vacuum.

Is BodyTite Safe?

BodyTite is an FDA approved procedure to contour your body. With continuous monitoring of the contouring procedure through a monitor, the device can be regulated to certain temperatures avoiding any burns due to the heat applied. Studies have proved that the BodyTite patients will be safe and tolerable with a quick recovery.

What is the recovery time after BodyTite procedure?

Recovery time is extremely short with BodyTite. Patients are encouraged to take rest at home and start their normal activities as tolerated as some patients has increases feeling of tiredness. Once the BodyTite procedure is complete the contoured area may be sore and tender. There could also be mild swelling with redness, bruising or numbness. This usually subsides from four to six weeks depending on the area you choose for contouring. It is important to wear a compression garment for a few days to reduce swelling, to keep the incision area clean and for a quick recovery.

Tummy Tuck vs Liposuction vs BodyTite. What Body Contouring Procedure

When can the BodyTite patients see their results?

Noticeable results can be seen in the treated area immediately if the dissolved fat cells are completely removed through liposuction or vacuum. However, it takes 2 weeks to 3 months to see the complete contoured body. Skin tightening explicit around 6 weeks and improves up to a year. Collagen production stimulated by BodyTite gives you long-lasting results.

What are the standard hand pieces for BodyTite?

* FaceTite: FaceTite is the complete contouring and skin tightening solution for your facial area. With RFAL technology without any scars or downtime traditional facelift can be made. Used to treat face and other small, delicate areas

* NeckTite: Handpiece for neck allows contouring your neck area leaving your neck with a firm skin without sagging. Without any excisional surgery NeckTite delivers precise heating to face, neck and other small areas of the body.

* MORPHEUS8: Morphheus8 is a minimally invasive Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device (SARD) designed to generate collagen and to tighten the adipose tissue. Morphheus8 delivers the physician or surgeon to deliver full body fractional treatment as per the custom choice made by the patients.

* MORPHEUS8 body: Morpheus8 Body is the. only FDA cleared technology to remodel your adipose tissue. With unique large surface pointer MORPHEUS8 body can be programmed to treat the largest area of the body with deeper level of radiofrequency. Equipped with burst mode radiofrequency Morpheus8 Body deploys multi-level treatments in depth with radiofrequency automatically.

Who are ideal to do BodyTite procedure?

Everyone cannot pick BodyTite treatment to lose their excess fat. Those with moderate skin laxity and have low stubborn fat are ideal to do BodyTite. Pregnant women, nursing mothers the people planning for pregnancy are not ideal to do BodyTite. If you feel your skin has lost its firmness you can choose BodyTite solution.

Summing Up:

Love to have a well-shaped body with BodyTite contouring solution without any visible scars? Then, it is time to get in touch with Inmode. To help people achieve their goals, Dansys group with 13 years of expertise in leading medical equipments distribution offers you with the innovative procedure in body contouring or body sculpting solution. With one of our innovative brand Inmode’s BodyTite minimally invasive device you could help people to regain their self-confidence with perfect body shape. Imagine delivering comfort as well as efficient result to your patients with BodyTite contouring treatment for a stubborn body fat; it is just remarkable. Feel free to get in touch with Inmode for anything related to Inmode BodyTite!

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