Breaking The Cycle In Manhattan

Wanda Rice

As with any densely populated metropolis in this day and age, it’s easy to get caught up in some nasty habits in Manhattan. The stressful and rushed lifestyle coupled with easy access to drugs and alcohol can make an addict out of almost anybody, and it can be easier than you think to find yourself losing everything.

In fact in recent years there have been more deaths by overdose than the combined total of homicides, suicides and traffic accidents.

Knowing there is the potential for an addiction problem is half the battle, finding ways to identify the problem before it takes over is imperative for you or anyone you know who is struggling with substance use.

Here are some thoughts on how to catch yourself or your loved ones before ending up in an addiction rehab center.


Repeatedly identified as one of life’s biggest killers, stress is an incredibly harmful byproduct of our modern lives and needs to be handled carefully. The mentality of “living for the weekend” has seen binge drinking and drug using culture rise rapidly, as young professionals try to play as hard as they work in a fragment of the time. This practice of treating stress with alcohol or narcotic abuse can quickly lead to unhealthy habit building which starts to take over one’s normal daily life.

Finding healthy ways to cope with stress can be difficult too, as we’re not taught from a young age the value of hobbies and downtime. Thankfully we have access to an endless amount of information on this topic thanks to the internet, and dedicating some time to finding hobbies or activities which can be specifically stress-relieving for you can be life-saving.

Changing aspects of your lifestyle can also make a huge improvement, this could be as simple as discussing a change in hours with your boss, or finding a space where you can go to be with yourself and decompress.

Mental Health

Thanks to the hard work of psychologists working alongside dual diagnosis treatment centers in Manhattan and the rest of the world, we’re starting to see how mental health is intrinsically related to addiction. Whether someone is trying to manage their anxiety or depression through substance use, or they’ve experienced something traumatic that they’re trying to bury, something in this realm can almost always be pinpointed as the root cause of addiction.

Finding a counselor can be a great first step, it doesn’t even need to be a drug rehab counselor. There are options across the states to suit any kind of financial situation, and you may find that through counseling your general happiness and compassion will increase.

If finding professional help feels unnecessary then asking a friend or family member for some time to talk openly about things can be effective too, although seeing a counselor can help to avoid the awkwardness of opening up to someone you know.

Addiction Assessment

If you feel like it may be too late to change things up to reduce stress in your life or seek counsel from a professional, then it may be time to consider an addiction recovery center. Many of these centers can offer assessments and evaluations to help you grasp what is going on, and what you can do to change the direction of your life.

Seeking support from a rehab clinic or recovery center is imperative if you or someone you know is currently using opioids, as without opiate treatment the withdrawals can be incredibly dangerous.

You’re Worth Helping

The most dangerous mentality in these kinds of situations is denial of a problem or acceptance of an inevitable downfall. Life is more than liveable without whatever substance you (or whoever) rely on. Coming to terms with an addiction can be an incredibly scary process, and it’s important to have someone available to support you through this, that could be a friend or family member.

It may also take an upheaval or a change in environment for some time for you to rebuild the skills to live your best life without relying on alcohol or narcotics, but in the end you will be better off, and this will benefit the people around you.

Breaking any cycle of habit can seem a daunting process but as we’ve seen through celebrity examples and in our own communities, recovery is more than possible and can lead to a huge increase in quality of life. Acting early may be exactly what you need to increase your happiness tenfold.

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