Did you Know that Also Women Suffer Sexual Dysfunction?

Wanda Rice

Sexual problems are common to both men and women. However, when it comes to sexual dysfunction, eighty percent of people think that only men suffer this condition. Sexual dysfunction is the inability to hold your sexual desire for the required time. This problem is common in many women in the world, and if not treated or managed, it can affect you your whole life. If you have sexual problems, seek treatment at sexual dysfunction in Lafayette health center and restore your sexual abilities. Below are the causes of sexual dysfunction in women.

The Primary Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can happen due to many issues, which can either be health issues, psychological issues, or traumatic conditions. They include:

  • Depression and stress. These are examples of Psychological conditions, which affect many married women. Psychological conditions are brought by domestic violence, the death of a loved one, and other related marriage problems like mistrust. It is hard for you to concentrate on the sexual act when you are suffering from stress. Symptoms of depression are loss of weight, low self-esteem, loss of concentration, dizziness, and lack of sleep. It is vital to seek treatment before matters become worse and non-controllable.
  • Low libido. Libido is a sexual power that helps you to reach the climax or orgasm. When you lack this power, it becomes very hard for you to satisfy your partner sexually. To improve your libido power, you can eat a balanced diet, do a lot of exercises and take medical supplements prescribed by your doctor.
  • Pelvic pain. It is hard to concentrate during intercourse when you are suffering from pelvic pain. However, pelvic pain that is caused by menstrual cramps is usual among women. There are some diseases, such as pelvic floor disorder, that affects your reproductive system, causing sexual complications. Symptoms of pelvic floor disorder include pain during sex, unusual vaginal discharge with an unpleasant smell, weak uterine muscle, bleeding during sex, and frequent urination.
  • Hormonal imbalance. When you get to menopause, a hormone called estrogen may alter your sexual response. You may suffer a lack of sexual feelings, loss of moods, and low libido. When the level of your estrogen hormone drops, it alters your blood flow in the pelvis area, thus lowering your genital sensation. Your vaginal opening also becomes thinner if you are not sexually active. A thinner vaginal opening can result in pain during intercourse.
  • Diseases. Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, heart diseases, and bladder issues can lead to sexual dysfunction. A high sugar level in your body alters how your blood flows, thus lowering your sexual desire. If you are obese, you have a higher chance of suffering from sexual dysfunction. An overweight body suffers high blood pressure, which may alter your sexual feelings.

Sexual dysfunction can cause some health issues and also may limit your happiness. Seeking medical assistance can help you improve your sexual ability. Vibrant Woman Health Center is the best health center that handles women’s sexual issues. Consult them today and enjoy your sex life.

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