Dispelling Rehab Myths 101

Wanda Rice

Bothered by the frequent misrepresentation of rehab clinics on tv? So are we.

Rehab has a stigma attached to it. Thanks to the way we see it portrayed in film and media, everyone in the UK thinks the rehab clinic is a towering old hotel building. They think the doors are locked, the nurses cackle, and that lightning strikes in the background every time it appears in the shot.

Rehab clinics are neither evil nor reminiscent of the asylums of old. They are fresh, upbeat, positive buildings where you go to get help for conditions you can’t manage alone. Why would you want to manage an addiction alone, when you could do it with the help of a rehab clinic? There are so many myths that add to the stigma and put people off that we thought it was time to tackle a few.

Common Rehab Myths That Just Aren’t True

Here are some of the worst, yet commonest, rehab myths that we frequently run across.

You Can’t See Family Or Friends

This is wrong. Some rehab clinics use family and friends intricately in your recovery. It is part of mending the relationships you damaged while you were in addiction. You can even have your family or friends come visit you in free time. You just don’t have much free time. The object of rehab is to keep you so busy that you don’t think about drugs as much as you would if you were on your own.

It Costs Too Much

Rehab can cost the price of a small car, but it can also be cheaper with NHS help. Unless you are opting for a luxury clinic and an extended stay, even mid-range rehab clinics are affordable enough. You can contact the expert rehab selection service at Help4Addiction for more on pricing. You can ask them to find the right clinic for you while you are there.

Rehab Is Dull

The Signs of Cocaine Use in Women - Casa Serena | Women's Treatment Center

You won’t be bored. Experts advise that you pack as lightly as you can when you go to stay in rehab. There will be lots of things for you to do while you are there. From workshops to exercising to therapy sessions, you won’t have time for anything but a rest and a good book at the end of the day. It’s certainly not boring, though you ought to try and match your rehab choice with your hobbies.

Only Addicts Go To Rehab

Again, this one is a lie. Rehab clinics are perfectly equipped to deal with a range of disorders and health problems. You may have a mental illness or an eating disorder, and a stay in rehab would help. It could be that you go to rehab for a 7 day stay because you feel you have an addiction brewing, even though you are not addicted yet.

They Lock You In

This is not a horror movie; this is real life. You sign yourself in and you can sign yourself out if you want to. You are free to leave rehab at any time. It’s unadvisable, though, since you won’t finish your treatment plan if you do.

The point in all this is that you should sign into rehab if you need it and not be afraid of judgement. It’s the best way to treat a budding addiction along with a wealth of other conditions.

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