Good Health Equals Quality Life

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Your overall health is important and should be observed and checked regularly. From adding weight to arthritis, diabetes, and other common conditions that affect your body, they require the care of a specialist who has experience and knowledge of treating and controlling these conditions. Seek the services of physician assistant Gaithersburg, MD who offers a variety of treatments and advice based on your condition. At Doctors First, they have a variety of services they offer to ensure you are fully covered, using their state-of-the-art equipment and latest technology, they give you a personalized examination and treatment ensuring you receive the desired results. Call or book online today to schedule a consultation with the specialist and discuss your treatment plan.

Some services offered at Doctors First include:

  •       Arthritis.
  •       Diabetes.
  •       Asthma.
  •       Weight loss.
  •       Primary care.


Arthritis occurs when you experience swelling on the joints causing pain and stiffness. The three different types of arthritis include:

  • Osteoarthritis- Which damages knee cartilage.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis- Swelling and paining of the joint capsule.
  • Septic arthritis- Mostly caused by bacteria infection.

Weight Management

Weight management entails developing a strategy to track and maintain a specific recommended body weight. It involves the application of different techniques that plays a role in achieving the recommended weight. A specialist can give recommendations on a diet to follow and a physician to instruct on exercises to attain and maintain ideal body weight. Failing to manage your weight puts you at risk of getting chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and joint pain.

Factors That Contribute to Weight Gain

Different factors contribute to weight gain in your body. They include:

  •   Physical activities.
  •   A diet such as foods rich in fats.
  •   Genetics composition.
  •   Environmental factors.
  •   Illness.
  •   Medications.

How Can You Maintain Healthy Body Weight?

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Maintaining a healthy body weight is a journey that takes time and discipline to achieve. You have to adhere to your doctor and physician’s recommendations throughout the process to achieve the desired results. Some of the activities you may undertake to maintain a healthy body weight include:


What you consume plays an essential role in your weight management process and maintaining a healthy body weight. Eating healthy and maintaining your recommended diet is key to your weight loss. Energy balance is essential in your body. The calories consumed should be less than the calories burned, which helps in weight management. The following are recommended as a healthy diet:

  •   Whole grains.
  •   A selection of vegetables.
  •   Whole fruits.
  •   Dairy products with low or free from fatty content.
  •   Foods that are rich in proteins such as lean meats, legumes, seafood, and poultry products.

Consuming those foods helps primarily in maintaining your overall health.

Physical Activities

Physical activities play a significant role in burning your body’s energy. Your doctor will recommend regular physical exercise depending on your weight which helps in accelerating weight loss to meet the targeted body weight. With active physical exercise and recommended diet, it becomes effortless to achieve healthy body weight.


Some drugs can help in weight management where the other factors such as nutrition and physical exercises do not work well or take a long time before taking effect.

In summary, enjoy a healthy life by ensuring your body is free from any diseases, or in case of disease, a specialist is able to contain them and advise you on how to live healthily. At Doctors First, you will have all the services you require and a team specialized to take care of your conditions. Call their office today to schedule a consultation with them or book online.

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