Here are 6 Early Signs of Lung Cancer

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Lung cancer is common and one of the most challenging cancers to diagnose. This is because you might not notice severe symptoms until the condition is at an advanced stage. But medical specialists have come to understand that there are particular early symptoms that indicate you might be developing the condition. Lung cancer specialists at Hunterdon Hematology Oncology, LLC are highly experienced in diagnosing lung cancer in Flemington and can help you identify the slightest signs of the condition. Some of the most common early symptoms are outlined herein. Have a look.

Persistent Cough

It is highly recommended that you see your doctor if your cough becomes persistent, as it is one of the common early symptoms of lung cancer. For example, if your cough doesn’t go away after about two weeks and only gets worse over time, or you cough up blood, you might be at an early stage of lung cancer. Also, if you smoke, you often cough a lot, and it would help note any changes in your cough. Besides, it is better to ensure that you get regular checks for lung cancer every several months.

Breathing Complications

It is advisable to keep watch on any problems with your breathing as it might be an early sign of lung cancer. But remember that you can experience breathing complications more often due to other health complications such as heart disease, old age, and obesity. That is why it is critical to talk to your doctor to evaluate the cause of your problem. In addition, you will often experience back pain that will worsen with breathing if you have lung cancer.

Aches and Pains

Several factors can cause dull or persistent aches in your shoulders, ribcage, chest, or arms. However, such aches are early symptoms of lung cancer. Therefore, it would help to talk to your doctor if you experience such issues. Also, note that these complications can progress to numbness, tingling, or even paralysis if you have lung cancer without proper care.

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Recurrent Airway Infections

If you realize you are experiencing multiple episodes of pneumonia or bronchitis, please talk to your doctor about the possibility of lung cancer. You might have become prone to these issues due to the obstruction of your airways caused by tumors. Your provider will diagnose such symptoms putting in mind the possibility of lung cancer.

Loss of Appetite

It is common to feel not wanting to eat anything. Besides, several complications can also lead to loss of appetite. But this is a common symptom with other types of cancers, and it could also indicate lung cancer. Therefore, please do not assume the normal when your appetite diminishes but talk to your doctor, particularly when accompanied by other symptoms, as mentioned earlier.

Sudden Weight Loss

Several factors can contribute to your sudden weight loss. For example, cancer cells use a considerate amount of your body’s energy, affecting your metabolism and leading to sudden weight loss. Also, you might experience this due to other early symptoms of lung cancer, such as loss of appetite. Therefore, consult your provider to learn more about your weight loss and diagnose cancer.

If you are experiencing such symptoms as mentioned here, please reach out to Hunterdon Hematology Oncology, LLC. The providers will help you understand why you are experiencing the issues and diagnose or rule out lung cancer. Remember that these can be early signs of cancer, and the earlier it is detected, the better.

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