How to Buy Designer Eyeglasses by Sitting at Home?

Wanda Rice

All around the world, designer eyeglasses are trending but many new eyeglass enthusiasts may get overwhelmed with the collection and complex terms and may often end up buying a substandard designer eyeglass. This blog is to raise awareness about designer eyeglass and their features that make them stand apart from others.

What are Designer Eyeglasses?

All eyeglasses you see in the market or store may not designer eyeglasses. They are either replicate of substandard quality or deceptive lenses and frames of poor quality. They may look like designer eyeglasses but they are not.

A designer eyeglass doesn’t only rely on the logo or the brand reputation but also involves a precision-design panel with hi-tech instrumentation and assembling line.

Some folks may be carried away by the design and style, however, you may kiss the quality and warranty goodbye. They are way cheaper and may not impress you for a long time.

People who are really fans of top-class designer eyeglasses can easily identify the best from the imitated ones.

There is a common myth that surrounds the term that designer eyeglasses are mostly expensive. But that is not true at all. Global eyewear brands or manufacturers like SmartBuyGlasses, Ireland have successfully implemented a budget-friendly environment to serve the masses with their stylish and high-quality designer eyeglasses.

5 Qualities of Designer Eyeglasses:

  • Top Branded Manufacturing and Design Process
  • Well-Reputed Firm and Establishment Across The World
  • High-Quality Finishing and Assembling
  • Ultra-lightweight, Durable and Anti-Reflective
  • Smooth Edges With Additional Features like Customer Service and Warranty

How To Buy Designer Eyeglasses By Sitting At Home?

Technology serves all and before the pandemic hit the globe, everything was normal. With the global shutdown, people came to trouble while buying designer eyeglasses as shops remain closed throughout the pandemic. This gap was filled by giant online retailers to help people get their favourite designer glasses in just a few days.

This guide will certainly help you buy designer glasses online.

If you need non-prescription designer glasses then you may avoid the steps but if you need prescription designer glasses then be ready to follow the process.

  1. Get a prescription for your glass from an optometrist or nearest optician. Or, if you already have a prescription then you can upload a copy of it or email it. But, if you have your previous glasses, then the following thing will help you get a free prescription online at home on your previous glass.


  1. If you are confused with the shape and style of the eyeglass then you can simply use an incredible and innovative technology called Virtual Try-On Tool that uses any smartphone to record your selfie-video and analyze your face structure/length/width like a mirror and fetches you the suitable frame shapes as per your face shape.

While buying the glasses, you can add other lens features like the special Arise Collective HD lens, Lens Tint, and Blue Light Blocking Features during the checkout process.

Top 4 Designer Eyeglasses That You Can Buy Online


Sl. No. Designer Eyeglass Specifications
1 Oakley OX5089 WINGBACK 508905 Gender: Men

Frame Colour: Pewter Brown

Frame Shape: Rectangle

Frame Style: Semi Rimless

Frame Material: Titanium

Lens Material: Customisable

2 Arise Collective Ercolano C6 K0985 Gender: Unisex

Frame Colour: Grey

Frame Shape: Rectangle

Frame Style: Full Rim

Frame Material: Acetate

Lens Material: Customisable

3 Emporio Armani EA1041 3094 Gender: Men

Year: 2015

Frame Colour: Black Rubber

Frame Shape: Rectangle

Frame Style: Semi Rimless

Frame Material: Metal

Lens Material: Customisable

4 SmartBuy Collection Mars AC26 Gender: Unisex

Frame Colour: Tortoise

Frame Shape: Square

Frame Style: Full Rim

Frame Material: Acetate

Lens Material: Customisable


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