How You Can Remain Alcohol-Free At Social Events

Wanda Rice


There are particular events which you attend in life where you feel like drinking is a necessity. This can include birthdays, weddings, festivals, and hen-do’s – you’d notice if there was no alcohol around. In other words, we might deem them as ‘not fun’ if there was no alcohol included.

The truth is, these events are only daunting to those going alcohol-free due to the fear of being bored or left out of the fun. So, we have some tips for those who are avoiding alcohol for a while or those who have recently finished alcohol rehab.

Make sure to prepare!

Before you go into a situation which could potentially be triggering, it’s good to get yourself into a positive mindset. Perhaps you could try doing a short meditation session or a quick run followed by a nice bath. Preparing yourself for a challenge will keep you positive and on track.

Make it clear you are not drinking. 

This depends on the event and the situation – but say you’re going on a stag do, it will probably have to be said prior to the event. This will ensure your friends won’t pressure you. Or if its a wedding party, maybe just tell whoever is organising it. Non-alcoholic gin and beers can help so much here!

Be proud of what you are doing. 

The decision to cut out alcohol is a fierce one – own it! You should feel empowered about your fantastic lifestyle choice. Feel strong and let others look up to you for it.

Embrace your situation. 

When you realise you’re able to remain happy and have fun whilst being completely present at social events such as a birthday party, you’ll think of not drinking like a real gift to your life. You can meet new people and find out about their lives – and fully remember it. It’s interesting to learn how you have connected to the person’s life you are celebrating.

Keep your sober pal on speed-dial. 

Even if you think you’ll be ok, its best to have someone you can call in case you struggle. Having someone on the other end of the phone who is in a similar situation, either suffering from addiction or just keeping off alcohol, can benefit you massively.

You can leave if you want to. 

Don’t be afraid to head home if it gets tough – just leave! It’s the best thing to do if you feel like you might drink. If you feel you might drink, the likelihood is you will if you stick around for too long. The drunk people probably won’t notice anyway as they will be too caught up on their own shenanigans.

A thing to remember is that not every night out is going to be amazingly fun – with or without alcohol. However, when you’re drinking, you might stay and continue to drink in the hopes that the night will get better, and therefore ruining the next day too. With a clear head, you can go home, get a great nights sleep, and make the day ahead something better.

Social situations without booze can seem a bit daunting, but with these tips and some preparation, we hope you can feel confident – even if it’s just a one off!


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