Improving Your Mental Health by Addressing Your Chronic Pain

Wanda Rice

If you thought dealing with chronic pain only affects your physical well-being, you need to think again. Your trusted pain management specialist, Dr. Hui Kang, understands that pain can also affect your psychological well-being. Think of the many times your pain has disrupted your sleep, limited your social relationships and ability to think normally. All you worry about is taking pain medications to relieve you from the burden. As the Houston Pain Specialists suggest, chronic pain can affect your mental health in the following ways:

Chronic pain can make you depressed

People with chronic pain develop depression because of the constant worry as to whether things will get better. For example, if you’ve been battling back pain, you easily get agitated when you can’t perform tasks that require bending or lifting. Even if someone is there to help you with the tasks, you likely wonder if your back pain will improve. Sometimes, the slightest decisions like seeing a pain management specialist can be the only thing standing in your way of fighting your depression.

The pain can lower your self-esteem

Imagine being unable to climb the stairs or go for a 30-minute walk because you have knee or back pain. You see other people perform such basic tasks, and it gets you wondering if your pain will get any better, so you don’t have to struggle. If your pain affects your self-esteem, the best way to overcome it is by changing your perception. Pain management specialists not only reduce your pain but also instill hope so that you change your mindset.

Pain affects your relationships

Remember the last time you turned down a get-together meeting because you were in pain. Chances are you lost friends, and even if you retained any, you constantly worry if they’ll keep up with your complaints about your pain. The truth is pain can make you withdraw from social gatherings even regardless of your relationship with the said persons. It could turn you into an introvert, even if you were once an ambivert or extrovert. You don’t have to lose your relationships when a pain management specialist is only a phone call or email away.

Causes of Chronic Pain

Pain interferes with your concentration and memory

In a scenario where you’re at work and your chronic pain episode erupts, the last thing you want is to continue with what you were doing. Even if you’re good at multitasking, your pain can affect your memory and concentration. You will be forced to take time off work or continue fulfilling your duties with minimal concentration. While pain medications can temporarily take your pain away, it would be best to see a pain management doctor to determine the cause and devise a suitable treatment plan for you.

See a pain management specialist for advanced treatment

Whether you have back, neck, knee, or shoulder pain, going for pain management can improve your mental health. Sometimes, all it takes to fight your depression, stabilize your moods, and eliminate your anxiety is addressing your chronic pain. To learn more about pain management solutions, schedule an appointment with your primary care provider today.

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