Internal Medicine & Nephrology in Boynton Beach, FL

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Getting access to a medical team that excels in advanced senior care with efficient experience is not common. Well, Nguyen Medical Group practices internal medicine with high clinical expertise combined with modern tech to serve you with an improved wellness experience. It is located conveniently in Boynton Beach, FL. Dr. Thomas Nguyen-Mui, MD, MS, provides on-site lab evaluations, senior home healthcare visits, and other relevant health services to your satisfaction.

Dr. Nguyen is a double-certified board specialist in internal medicine and hypertension. Together with nurse Susan Nguyen-Mui, APRN, they lead their team to identify individual patient goals and requirements.

To get these exclusive personalized health services, contact our office in Florida or book your appointment via the online tool today.

The health team of experts is compassionate to assist you in finding a way through life even though you may have one or more chronic health defects. The paramedics attain these essential goals by allocating time to each patient to design a customized management schedule. For example, such individuals may be suffering from severe ailments like diabetes, arthritis, thyroid complications, hypertension, heart conditions, and many more.

With our cutting-edge health resources, we offer outstanding customizable healthcare. We make it possible for you to connect to our paramedics to receive reminders on your appointments and prescription refills. Seeing any of our health providers in the network grants the whole care staff access to your medical plan. That enables us to work as a single unit in ensuring your health is managed accordingly.

You are bigger than a set of symptoms that inspires our central focus on you. Therefore, we implore the in-house lab’s state-of-the-art technology to maximize our tests to the extent of identifying complication signs early enough. Our continuing or incumbent patients choose either upgraded annual physicians plus added services or standard annual exams with the best options set to select from.

The added services in geriatric care include telehealth visits or virtual care, home visits, and 24-hour access to Dr. Nguyen and any staff. The team targets providing the patients with choices to develop schedules with convenience.

The services we provide include:

What is Geriatrics?: Nguyen Medical Group: Internal Medicine

. Geriatrics

It is a healthcare service that caters to aging adults. As your body degenerates, you are prone to several conditions and diseases. In such a case, it could be chronic and require perpetual management.

. Cholesterol

It is a waxy blood element the liver produces and is found in foods. It is essential in vitamin D and hormone production as well as an important part of building cells. Cholesterol is useful within the required health limits; if its levels rise high, it can block the bloodstream depriving other tissues of oxygen.

. Preventative health

It is a proactive medicine branch responsible for diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases before they cause negative impacts on the quality of the patient’s life.

. Telemedicine

It is also referred to as telehealth. It involves using tablets, webcams, laptops, or smartphones to undertake an online medical appointment. It helps in providing healthcare services to the rural population.

We incorporate modern tech to enhance the patient experience as we focus on improving the management of your well-being. Our patients are our family, and family is taken care of in a good way.

Call the office in Florida or book an appointment with Dr. Nguyen to experience this life managing health service for yourself or your loved ones.

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