Microneedling – How It Benefits You!

Wanda Rice

Microneedling is a process in which mini needles are used to create tiny wounds on your face. These wounds act as an alarm that boosts your skin’s radiance and health.

Verona microneedling specialists can help your skin glow in just one sitting to boost your confidence and skin glow.

Benefits of Micro-Needling

There are various benefits of micro-needling, and a few of them are as follows:

1. Helps Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

It is obvious that you do not want to look older than your actual age. However, premature aging is prevalent and creates fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. The slight injuries from this procedure increase collagen and elastin production that helps in fighting wrinkles.

The wound healing process also stimulates your body to produce new skin cells and decrease the presence of wrinkles, especially the ones on your forehead.

2. Reduces Scars

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As mentioned above, micro-needling stimulates collagen production. It is super effective in fading your acne or other scar spots. However, microneedling will not help in fading keloid or raised scars.

3. Reduces Sun Damage

Microneedling helps reduce the appearance of sun damage and deals with hyperpigmentation. If you are dealing with pigmentation or are suffering from sun damage, micro-needling can help rejuvenate your skin by making your skin tone look even.

4. Makes You Look Younger

As you get older, your skin loses elasticity, and your skin’s texture becomes dull. The process of micro-needling can change this. The increase of collagen improves the texture of your skin and helps decrease saggy skin. In addition to this, it also gives you a radiant glow.

5. Decreases Pores

Even though micro-needling involves pricking holes on your skin it does not increase the size of your pores. It actually makes your pores look smaller. When collagen is produced around your pores, the area around it plumps, making it disappear.

6. Increases Effects of Anti-Aging Products

After you undergo a micro-needling process, you must use all topical treatments and moisturizers. Your skin will absorb all the goodness and boost the overall health of your skin. Your dermatologist will provide you with appropriate serums, gels, and creams that you will have to apply regularly to increase the effect of the procedure.

7. Helps Decrease Stretch Marks

One of the many benefits of micro-needling is that it is highly effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, especially the ones that show up during or after your pregnancy.

If you suffer from any skin condition that causes sudden inflammation, irritation, or burning, microneedling will help reduce it with the help of increased collagen.

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