Plastic Surgery Procedures To Help Reignite Your Skin Glow

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As you age, your face and neck begin to lose their shine and smoothness. Unfortunately, aging is a matter you can never avoid. That is why your San Francisco facial plastic surgeon has a solution for you. Understandably, pristine and young-looking skin gives you more confidence to shine in different spheres of your life.

What Kind Of Issues Can A Doctor Correct Using A Face Lift?

Face lifts require much precision and safety procedures to bring out your pristine look. Rhytidectomy can help accomplish those looks, as it focuses on the lower parts of the eyes. The neck, chin, jowls, and jawline are essential to your facial structure. The skin stretches out from these areas to give your face the natural orientation. Facial rejuvenation focuses on these parts to elevate different parts in the face and neck regions for tighter, young-looking skin.

Further, volume procedures exist to increase the areas hard hit by the aging process to re-align your skin as it was during your younger days. Sagging is one of the ways that make your skin appear old and unappealing. A face lift from the Aesthetic Surgery Center will use laser-based technology to compel your skin to tighten over time naturally.

How Does Your Doctor Complete A Facelift?

The rejuvenation exercise is less invasive, with incisions going to your hairlines and the regions around your ears. Your face has many muscles that aid in different processes. The incisions will reach these muscles, other tissues, and the skin in different regions of your face to reposition and remove the excess skin. Additionally, the repositioning process will help remove the wrinkles on your face and erase lines that remove the appeal from your skin to create firmer looks that are more attractive. Liposuction is another treatment that will help in a face lift; the therapy focuses on the fatty deposits collected on your face over time. After the procedure, you will notice a slimmer face with all the drooping lines eliminated.

Facelifts cannot occur anywhere else but the hospital, where your doctor will inject you with local anesthesia to calm you for about four hours.

What Is A Neck Lift?

Neck lifts are complementary procedures to facelifts that address saggy, horizontal folds, and vertical banding in the neck region. However, you can get a neck lift independent from a facelift. The neck region forms the lower part of your face and can affect your overall looks. Neck lifts also involve incisions around the ear region. Further, if you have an elongated fatty chin that plays a part in making your face look saggy, your doctor will make an incision on the chin and use liposuction to remove the excess fat. Your doctor will also use sutures to help create firmer profiles and remove the excess skin that causes sagging.

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Is It Okay To Combine Face And Neck Lifts?

Aesthetic Surgery Center provides options for you to combine face and neck procedures; however, a combination of the procedure will take about 4 hours.

A facelift can lift your self-esteem anytime. Contact Aesthetic Surgery Center in San Francisco, CA, for more information on the procedure.

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