Steps to Get Home Care Business License in California

Wanda Rice

California is one of the best states to start your home care business because the more elderly population needs very high-standard care at their homes. But with no doubt. The procedure to get into this business can be a bit arduous. Especially, if you don’t know about the most important part of the license process for home care business license in California.

So, let’s dig into what’s considered a complete application and so the first thing that you need to complete your application is you must submit the application fee.

Then, you must submit all documents that are included in Section A and Section B. It’s very important to make sure that the complete information is sent the first time because the review of your application will not begin until all required documents are received. Another thing that you should be considerate about is that you submit section A and section B.

These documents are listed within the application process. Now, once the forms and the fee are received then you will be assigned an analyst who will reach out to you to discuss the next steps if your application which are considered incomplete or if there’s any needs to be corrected. The analyst will notify you and usually in writing that what of the corrections that need to be made.

You will have a certain amount of time to respond to that notification to continue with the application process and then as a reminder make sure that you make two copies, one for yourself and the second one to send to the state for review.

  • Section A is considered as your licensing forms, your licensing forms are composed of seven documents that include your application for licensing, your dishonesty bond, your criminal record statement, your board of director’s statement, your business structure and also don’t forget the four types of business structures and lastly your licensee applicant. Information about all of the above forms is considered as your licensing forms.
  • Section B is considered your supplemental documents. Here, only six requirements in this Section are given but don’t let the less number fool you. These are the most important requirements and therefore you have to be careful about them.

These 6 Documents Include your Proof of Insurance:

  • Your job descriptions for each position within your agency
  • What are your personnel policies and procedures?
  • Here, you also have to include your training plan
  • Lastly, your home career organization program description to let the state of California know what your program is and what it is that you’re offering in terms of service.

You will have to get a background check now it’s not so important that you have the background check complete before you start the process but because you’re applying or because you already know that you’re in the process of doing it. You want to make sure that something that you do pretty quickly because again that is part of the application process.

Try to go to the California department social services website and pull up form hcs which explains details of the complete application process from end to end but that way you can acquaint yourself with that complete application process. Instead, put together a plan to set yourself up for success that’s the best way to go about it. Visit for more details at

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