The 5 Cheapest Places to Buy Property in The Bahamas

Wanda Rice

Because the Bahamas is such a popular location most real estate companies will talk incessantly about all of the beachfront properties in other words those places which sells for many millions of dollars. It is extremely rare to find more affordable properties unless you are persistent and spend a lot of time browsing the Internet. Fortunately, there are more than adequate properties which is available at prices which even the normal man on the street can afford.

5. Andros

One of the islands of the Bahamas is Andros island which is also one of the largest islands in the region. It is widely considered to be a single island because Andros covers an area which is in fact significantly larger than all of the 700 islands in the area combined. Some of the popular attractions in the region include Westside national Park, blue holes national Park and Kamalame Cay. A family home can be purchased from approximately 550,000 dollars.

4. Chippingham


The vast majority of the people in the Bahamas are living on New Providence Island. In fact, over 70% of all citizens of the Bahamas are living in New Providence. This is also where Nassau the capital city is located. More than 270,000 people are living in this city. One of the suburbs in this city is Chippingham were residential properties can be purchased for $138,000. Attractions in the area is Salt Cay, Paradise Island and Atlantis Bahamas.

3. Pinewood Gardens


In the hamlet in the Bahama Islands you will find Pinewood gardens. Nassau the capital city is 50 km to the west while Lucaya is over 300 km away. The Pinewood Gardens community is very small. The nearest airport is Nassau Paradise Island Airport which is only 40 km away. Besides the sunsets, ocean and scenery there is not that much to see in Pinewood Gardens but in the surrounding region there is a wealth of tourism attractions. There are Fort Fincastle, Fort Charlotte, Government House and Dolphin Encounters. A house can be purchased for $160,000.

2. Leisure Lee


Leisure Lee is a small residential community which is only 5 miles from Treasure Cay. The majority of residential properties in this region has been specifically constructed all along the shore of the Sea of Abaco. Many are also strategically placed on the ocean access canals. Most properties enjoy the shade which is provided by tropical trees. Just about every single property has an unobstructed view of the sea or the canals. All property owners in the area have been awarded exclusive privileges to all of the lovely beaches in the region. There is also the extremely popular Abaco reef where many sport fishing tournaments is hosted. Houses is available from $150,000.


On Grand Bahama the main city is Freeport. Grand Bahama is an island located in the Northwest of the Bahamas. Grand Bahama is not far from the coast of Florida. One of the well-known attractions in the area is the Lucaya district on the oceanfront close to shopping, resorts and beaches. For snorkeling fans there is Deadman’s reef and divers are also accommodated because the waters in the region provide many excellent diving sites. Not far away is extensive underwater caves, nature trail and opportunities for kayaking. House can be purchased for $99,000.

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