The Characteristics Of Laser Hair Removal

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Laser epilation is one way to remove hair. Everywhere in the world it is gaining popularity because it allows practically painless and for a long time to remove unwanted hair on all parts of the body. is the place where you can get your first appointment scheduled.

The essence and principle of action

The essence of the method is that the hair is exposed to a special device – a laser. It heats the melanin contained in the hair, and as a result it destroys the cells of the growth zone adjacent to it, as well as the capillaries and vessels that feed the hair follicle. Thus, the hair begins to grow more slowly or at all times to grow. Their loss occurs within two weeks of exposure to the laser. More information on the principle of action can be found in this article.

The laser beam during the hair removal procedure deepens the skin by 4 mm.

Laser hair removal is often preferred by other methods, as there are a number of advantages in the form of safety, painlessness and the absence of significant irritation. In addition, laser hair removal does not require pre-hair growth.

However, the procedure carries a number of negative factors that may cause burns, folliculitis, hyperpigmentation, allergies, eye disease, herpetic exacerbation of the disease (for more information on all the benefits and disadvantages of laser hair removal).

In addition, the disadvantages of laser hair removal include the fact that:

This method is not applicable to light and gray hair;
the procedure is not cheap;
one session allows you to get rid of only 10-25% of the hair;
to permanently remove 80-90% of the hair, it will take from four to eight sessions at intervals of 25-40 days;
There are a number of contraindications to this procedure.

It is interesting! In dermatology doctors tried to use the laser in the 1960s. The procedure of laser hair removal was placed on commercial rails in the 1990s.

The Effectiveness and Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Hands belong to open body parts. Therefore, many people want to look well maintained and smooth. For different reasons (ecology, hormonal problems, heredity), the hands of men and women are covered with a thick scalp. When the hair is dark, it really does not look very beautiful.

Today laser hair removal is the most effective and acceptable method. After all, when using other methods, such as shaving, shaving, or blurring, it will take a long time to destroy hair.

Shaving your hair becomes more intense and thicker. And the use of wax is filled with hair swallowing, irritation. In addition, these methods or removing hair are a bit painful especially when performed on delicate places.

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