Vape Battery Safety Tips

Wanda Rice

If you own a regulated vape mod that is powered by batteries, it should be handled carefully. Keep reading to find some basic battery safety tips:

Never Exceed The Amps Of Your Battery:

It is vital to understand Ohm’s Law for battery safety. Ensure to take the discharge rate, divide it by the voltage level by coil resistance or ohms. Ensure to not exceed the calculated rating.

Keep Wraps Intact:

Ensure that the battery wraps are in perfect condition. Re-wrap the battery wrap if you notice a nick on it, or visit the vape shop to get the wrap for your batteries for free within a couple of minutes.

Use The Right Batteries

Ensure that the battery that you purchase come in appropriate specs. Never get mislead by the rating on the wraps. There are different types of batteries – some are good for low wattage vaping and some for sub-ohming.

Use Battery Cases:

Do not put the extra batteries loosely in your pockets or the bags without a case. Unprotected batteries would cause a short circuit when in contact with metal objects such as coins or keys and cause the battery to vent and potentially explode. Carry the batteries in the cases instead.

Do Your Research When Buying The Battery:

When you are buying the battery for the vaporizers that do not come with the built-in battery, ensure you have done a thorough study about the battery. Most of the standalone vape mods do not include the battery. Ensure to buy high-quality rechargeable batteries from the reputed brands. The bestselling Vypebatteries for instance have been around since the longest and are mainstream battery of choice.

Buy A Quality Dedicated Charger:

Overcharging or discharging of the batteries can cause the explosions. Buying a smart charger ensures safety features. Most of the devices can be charged directly in your mod using the batteries, but it is essential to use the dedicated battery charger, which would not cost more than 60ml bottle of e-juice. Check the online Vapourcore for every product at your fingertips with next day delivery on most of our stocked items.

Never Leave Your Battery Charging Unattended:

It is advised to never get the batteries charged unattended. Some even tend to charge the batteries unattended, which is not a great idea. It is because it is the electronic device, and chances of failure are always possible. Ensure to have the check on the charging every time you put the batteries on charge.

Never Over-Drain The Batteries:

Vape Battery

Lithium-ion batteries tend to lose more capacity; hence it is vital to avoid entirely drain the batteries. When you over drain the batteries, it reduces the number of cycles you could get out of them.

Keep The Check On The Temperatures:

Vape batteries get damaged due to extreme cold and high temperatures. Higher temperature will strain the batteries and make it older quickly. Colder temperature affects the battery capacity or leads to explosions. It is best to store the batteries in a cool place away from the sunlight. Never put it where the temperature exceeds the safety range such as the glove compartment of the car. Ensure to store the batteries at the safest temperature, which is between 50 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

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