Vaping Problems and Their Solution

Wanda Rice

Most of the vapers want to enjoy a smooth vaping experience without any hassles. Sometimes due to technical glitch this experience can turn into a nightmare and become annoying for the user. However, you will be glad to know that all these problems are short lived and can be easily rectified by troubleshooting them:

Below is the list of the common problems faced by the vapers which can be fixed easily:

Battery Issues

If the vaper is facing a problem while initiating the device then battery should be checked thoroughly as it happens in certain vaping kits the power button controls the functioning of ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ and pressing the button in quick succession might lead to the switching off the device. Press the power button again and the device will start . In some cases the battery is not charged make sure it is charged properly. The shelf life of the battery also plays a part in proper functioning of the device. Usually, they sustain for 2 or 3 years however if the device is being used a lot one has to keep checking the battery life.

Burnt Taste

While vaping if you feel a burnt taste in the mouth then there is nothing wrong with the E liquids but high time to change the vape coils. Ideally the coils should be changed after every 2 weeks however if one is a heavy vaper the coils can be changed early so as to obtain the satisfying results from the device and enjoy the vaping. However it might occur in certain cases that the coils have just been replaced still the unpleasant taste lingers then check if the new coil has been primed properly. There can be other reasons for having a burnt taste while vaping, one has to check the level of the E liquid in the tank and if it is properly absorbed by the wicking material. If the device is running on a higher wattage than it normally runs also can be a reason for bitter taste while vaping.

Leakage Problem

Suddenly you are encountering that there is a leakage problem in the vaping kit then the first thing is to be checked are the O rings which are inside the vape tanks, just check if they are damaged or they need to be replaced. There can be a leakage in the tank if the E liquid is filled beyond the capacity. Another reason of leaking can be if the top cap is not fixed properly or it has been tightened beyond the need.

Problem in Getting Adequate Vapour

If you are encountering that the device is not producing enough vapour then it is the time to thoroughly examine the mouth piece and examine if it has been choked due to dirt or dust and can be cleaned properly. The other reason is to check that the battery is switched on and has enough charge to produce the vapours. The airflow holes should be cleaned properly to get the unrestricted flow of the vapours. In certain cases changing of the E liquid with a higher ratio of VG can be considered as juices with higher ratio of VG produce massive vapours.

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