What Are Custom Made Orthotics?

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Did you know that women are more likely to develop foot and ankle problems compared to men? However, many foot issues occur due to injuries, arthritis, and ill-fitting shoes. Having excess weight can also lead to foot problems.

For most of the foot and ankle problems, you can solve them using conservative and at-home treatments. If you have tried traditional treatments without success, Colorado Springs custom-made orthotics may provide you with solutions. Consult them today to learn more about orthotics.

What Are Custom-made Orthotics?

Custom-made orthotics are prescription medical devices worn inside your shoes to help rectify biomechanical issues when you stand, walk, or run.

You may consider custom-made orthotics if you regularly experience leg, foot, or lower back pain due to various medical conditions such as diabetes, sciatica, or plantar fasciitis.

The highly experienced team at Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado helps better your condition, preventing you from undergoing surgery.

Who Can Benefit From Custom Orthotics?

Custom-made orthotics are effective for patients with chronic pain, affecting the feet or legs. The Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado prescribes custom-made orthotics for the following purposes:

  •       Correct deformities.
  •       Provide ankle support.
  •       Improve foot and ankle function.
  •       Reduce the risk of future injuries.

Custom-made orthotics are highly customized and made to support the particular structures of your feet and ankle, unlike the inserts and heel pads available at the drug stores.

What Conditions Does Custom-made Orthotics Treat?

The conservative techniques relieve pain caused by various conditions, including:

  •       Arthritis.
  •       Bunions.
  •       Flat feet.
  •       Hammertoes.
  •       Diabetes.
  •       Bursitis.
  •       Lower back pain.
  •       Plantar fasciitis.

Custom-made orthotics may also be helpful if you have underdeveloped foot and leg muscles and issues like one leg shorter than the other.

Are There Different Types of Custom-made Orthotics?

Custom-Made Orthotics – Town Centre Rehab Clinic

Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado offers various types of orthotics, such as:

Rigid orthotics

This type of orthotics is carbon fiber and plastic made. Rigid orthotics are complex, inflexible, and relieve pain caused by strains or lower back pain. Rigid orthotics are skinny; hence they fit comfortably in close-toed and low heel shoes.

Accommodative orthotics

They are soft, padded with cushion-like materials. They take off pressure caused by uncomfortable sore spots and soothe conditions such as diabetic ulcers and plantar fasciitis. It is advisable to wear accommodative orthotics with prescription footwear due to their size.

What Is the Process for Getting Custom-made Orthotics?

During your visit to Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado, your provider carries out a physical exam for your feet and ankles and reviews your health history. Then the doctor takes 3-D impressions of your feet and ankles.

Then they upload the impressions to a software program and send them to a lab. The laboratory then manufactures your custom orthotics to fit your unique feet structure to ensure they are comfortable and relieves pain.

Talk to a Custom-made Orthotics Specialist Today

If you experience ankle, foot, and back pain and have tried other conservative treatments without success, custom-made orthotics may improve your condition. Call the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado today to schedule your appointment.

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