What Are Sulphur Burps and What Are Its Causes and Symptoms?

Wanda Rice

Burps are as common as having your breakfast, studies show that on average a human burp about 14-23 times a day. Burping is a natural reaction of your body to gas building up in your gastrointestinal tract. Your body may release this gas through the upper tract or the lower tract in the form of flatulence, burping itself is not a worrisome symptom, but sulfur burps are those when the gas that is being extracted from your body has come into contact with sulfur somewhere in your gastrointestinal tract and this creates a foul or eggy smell in your burps. Too many sulfur burps may be a concerning factor that you will need to think about. The causes of these frequent eggy burps range from plain dietary issues to more serious underlying medical issues that will definitely need a professional’s assistance. You will either need to visit your general physician or perhaps you may be able to contact a Gastroenterologist to tell you feasible sulfur burps treatment. Here are few things you should probably know about if you experience sulfur burps all too often:

When You Need to Visit a Doctor:

The common symptoms of having sulfur burps include having too much bloating, flatulence, and maybe even bloating.  These symptoms aren’t worrying at all as long as they do not disturb your daily life. You will definitely have to visit a professional if your sulfur burps come with a set of worrisome symptoms including nausea and vomiting, weight loss, pain in the chest and digestive tract, diarrhea, and maybe even fever. These symptoms are a clear indication of a more serious underlying condition than a minor digestive issue.

What Treatment Should You Expect?

Depending on the Sulphur burp causes you may be recommended treatment from a range of different simple to full-time treatments including simply excluding certain foods from your diet to changing behaviors that may lead to an accumulation of excess air in your digestive tracts. This may include breathing through your mouth while you are eating. You may be asked to get rid of fizzy drinks, the treatments will also vary from person to person depending on the response that your body has to certain food and changes. Getting regular exercise is the most common part of the treatment plan that a professional will likely recommend to you.  Including this, you will be asked to take a couple of medicines that relieve gastrointestinal stress. These medicines include enzyme lactase products, alpha-galactosidase products.

You may need medication for the symptoms or perhaps the underlying issues will be diagnosed and treated instead depending on your particular case. For example, if you have a bacterial infection that may be causing these sulfur burps you will need to take antibiotics for a couple of days. Ultimately these sulfur burps are not a matter of concern if they happen once in a while, however, if they happen all too often and with side symptoms then you will need to pay attention.

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