What Is a Pediatrician and What Do They Do?

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A pediatrician is a medical doctor specializing in providing medical care services for children right from birth and throughout their childhood services. If you are a new parent looking for Argyle newborn care services, you will have to visit a pediatrician. Pediatricians offer a wide range of medical services, including preventative care diagnosis and treatment of different ailments and diseases in children. Pediatricians understand the characteristics that make children unique and consider them during treatment.

What Does a Pediatrician Do?

What a pediatrician does depends on the area of specialty they focus on. Here are some of the specialties for pediatricians:

1. General Pediatrician

If you plan on taking your child to a pediatric clinic for annual checkups or if they fall sick, you will visit a general pediatrician. General pediatricians mainly focus on ensuring that the child develops a need and monitor any issues that may affect their mental and physical well-being. They can also advise you on different matters, including:

  • Caring for injuries.
  • Managing behavioral problems.
  • Taking care of developmental delays.
  • Managing chronic diseases.

2. Pediatric Allergists

From the name, you can already tell that pediatric allergists deal with any allergies or other immune system issues that may affect your child. Naturally, children have weaker immune systems, so they will develop many allergies and immune reactions to different things. A pediatric allergist can be of help if your child experiences:

  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Hay fever
  • Hives
  • Immune disorders

You can find pediatric allergists in a variety of settings, including private medical facilities and hospitals. They know how immune system disorders and allergies affect children, which puts them in a position to diagnose the issue and recommend a treatment plan that works.

3. Pediatric Oncologists

Thinking of Becoming a Pediatrician? Here's What You Should Know

A pediatric oncologist has the training and knowledge on the different forms of cancer that can develop in children. They monitor specific DNA alterations that occur in cancers that can affect children, such as:

  • Brain tumors
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Leukemia
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Spinal cord tumors

Cancer presents itself differently in children. A pediatric oncologist’s job is to determine the nature of cancer in infants and young adults and make sure they provide the proper treatment.

4. Pediatric Cardiologist

If you have a young child or teenager suffering from congenital heart disease or one who developed heart conditions after birth, you will have to see a pediatric cardiologist. They work together with other professionals to develop ideal treatment plans for the issue your child is dealing with. They understand the differences in heart physiology between children and adults and account for them during diagnosis and treatment.

When Should You See a Pediatrician?

You should constantly monitor your child for any changes in behavior and warning signs of serious illness such as high fevers, severe sore throats, persistent diarrhea, persistent coughs, and passing out. A pediatrician will examine your child and recommend a suitable treatment. Suppose your child develops a medical emergency that is potentially fatal or could cause permanent harm. In that case, it may help to consult with your regular pediatrician before deciding on the way forward.

A pediatrician is a doctor for children. Their services vary depending on their specialty, with general pediatricians handling annual checkups and common illnesses. Pediatric allergists deal with allergies and immune system disorders. Pediatric cardiologists address heart problems and diseases in children. Pediatric oncologists treat cancers in children. If you notice any unusual behaviors or signs of serious illness in your child, get them to a pediatrician as soon as possible.

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