When to Consider Personalized Vitamins

Wanda Rice

Over the years, more and more people have become health conscious around the United States. Health consciousness is a good thing. It turns out the old adage “You are what you eat” is a lot closer to the truth than many people realize. What we take into our bodies inevitably shows up in our health, whether good or bad. 

Another thing that shows up, good or bad, is what we don’t take into our bodies. It turns out that eating what we consider to be healthy might not be enough. Are we really getting the nutrients that we need as individuals? The way to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need is to consider taking personalized vitamins.

Vitamins and Health

Most of us while growing up had to hear over and over that we needed to eat our vegetables in order to grow up big and strong. Although most of us didn’t care about vegetables and what good they could do us, the ones that ate them were fortunate. Vegetables and fruits contain a great number of crucial vitamins that we need in order to fight off infections, maintain proper organ function, and have energy. 

The list of benefits that vitamins have to offer can go on and on, but one thing that remains clear is that humans need vitamins in order to survive. Which humans need which vitamins all depends on the needs of the specific human, this is why there are personalized vitamin solutions that are tailored to fit each and every person individually.

Vitamin Individuality

A lot of companies try to pass off a general multi-vitamin that will supposedly be a solution for everybody who uses it. Many of these healthy solutions are chewable vitamins that are full of sugars and other ingredients that most people can’t even pronounce. The problem with this kind of vitamin is that the companies put very high concentrations of vitamins in them. 

They also leave out many vitamins that some people need more than others. If a person eats a lot of carrots, but never any fish yet eats a vitamin that is full of vitamin A, with no Vitamin D, what good is the vitamin? Too much vitamin A has been shown to cause health problems, so has a lack of vitamin D. This person could take this multivitamin every day for a hundred years and still not get the vitamins they need. There is no one size fits all vitamin solution. Everybody is different and has different needs. Since every person is an individual, the vitamin that they take should have its own individuality.

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Different People Need Different Vitamins

If you haven’t noticed, people are different. Some are short, some are tall, some are muscular, some not so muscular. Every single person on this planet has their own DNA that makes them different than everybody else. Even a pair of identical twins will have different eating, sleeping, activity, and mood habits. If you think about it, a 75-year-old man that sleeps 4 hours a night, never eats vegetables, has high blood pressure, and is always in a bad mood will have different needs than a 42-year-old woman that is a vegetarian, sleeps 8 hours a night, has perfect blood pressure and is always in a good mood. Just because the vegetarian eats vegetables does not mean she is getting all of the right vitamins. People that take the time to find out which vitamins are best for them by taking a personalized vitamin quiz get a clear idea of what vitamins they need, and what ones they don’t. The best time to consider taking a vitamin that is personal to you is right now. Why put it off? Learn what is best for you today. Want to know more? Read our personalized vitamin story.

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