Why Choose Organic Skincare Over Synthetic Chemical Products

Wanda Rice

For a healthy body, we choose to have natural and organic food items. Then why would we compromise in using synthetic chemical products for skincare? The chemical products are harmful, and it affects the skin. It enters the bloodstream and affects the body functioning adversely. It is not just the food that helps in maintaining a healthy body and skin, but then what we apply to the skin matters.

And this answers why chemical-free products are best for the skin. There are several products readily available in the market that we use on our skin day today, in the form of make-up, fragrance, deodorant, soap, shampoo and lipstick. The long term use of mineral oil, petroleum products and paraben in the inorganic product cause irritation of the skin, hormone imbalance and may even cause cancer.

Using natural organic products in place of these harsh chemicals helps in maintaining healthy and glowing skin. The certified organic products contain the ingredients that are taken from plants. When the organic products ensure the skin and body to be healthy, absorb the natural elements that do not cause negative effects internally or externally.

The plant is organically grown without using the pesticide, homicide, or synthetic fertilizers or does not contain any chemicals in any form to affect the skin. And without these harsh chemical ingredients, the chances of allergic reactions on the skin do not occur. These organic products such as organic mascara, organic lipstick, face cream, lip balm, body oil, shampoo, hair oil are perfect for any type of skin and hair.

Researchers confirm that their studies also show that organically grown plants have a higher content of antioxidants and vitamins that are good for the skin, body and hair. These products do not contain any contamination and do not cause any irritation to the body parts.

When conventional skin care products contain endocrine disruption chemical elements such as phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphate, and paraben, the organic product contains the natural ingredients that help in a positive result on the skin and internally. The more chemical products we use, the higher the concentration of toxins that enter the bloodstream. It gets accumulated in our body over time, causing health conditions such as cancer.

Most importantly, when we buy organic skin care products, we are doing our part for the earth by limiting our carbon footprint. This is because organic skincare products such as organic mascara are made using organically grown plants by using sustainable practices. Since no pesticides, homicides or synthetic fertilizers are used in growing these plants, there is less waste and toxin that is expelled to the soil, air or water. Hence, these beauty and skincare products not only do wonder to our skin and body but it also helps us with a positive act to the mother nature.

Now, do you know the other major benefit of using the organic product? Buying organically grown products is also a way to support our farmers who grow food for us along with added benefits of having natural beauty routines to ensure our skin is healthy.

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