How Fast-Acting CBD Edibles Are Changing The Relaxation Game

Wanda Rice

Cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, is one of the hundreds of all-natural extracts found in cannabis plants and is shown to have properties that help in everyday relaxation. Unlike other commonly used cannabis compounds, CBD is not psychoactive, therefore it is able to bring relaxation and stress relief without the feeling of being high. Edible CBD products are an effective and popular way to get a full dose of the cannabidiol compound, however, most have an unpleasant hemp taste, and a waiting time of an hour or longer to feel the full relaxing effects. With Azuca’s TiME INFUSION™ method, you get reliable, fast-acting CBD edibles that allow you to feel the full effect of your dosage within 15 minutes of consuming. Azuca’s edible products are known for their high-end CBD infused ingredients with a taste any chef would approve of.

Why Time Matters

Having an edible that takes effect within 15 minutes is a game-changer in the world of hemp and for good reason. With a waiting time of an hour or longer, it is easy to incorrectly dose using a traditional edible, and either end up taking too much or too little for the desired experience. Enduring a longer wait time also means just that, waiting a long time to feel relaxed. Azuca’s TiME INFUSION system works by transforming CBD molecules into a much smaller size that can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream at a faster rate. The result is a CBD edible that works within 15 minutes, making dosage easy and simple. With a fast-acting edible, you are in total control of your CBD dose and experience. It is much easier to evaluate the effectiveness of the dosage at 15 minutes and adjust accordingly than to wait an hour or more to know if you would like more. With Azuca, you get this fast-acting relaxation power, paired with edibles made with the highest quality ingredients that never compromise on flavor.


Chef-Approved CBD Edibles

Founded by world-renowned chef Ron Silver, Azuca prides itself on being a CBD company that chefs of all levels would love to work with. Always made with the highest quality ingredients, Azuca’s CBD Sugar and Simple Syrup are made to blend seamlessly into any recipe, food, or drink. Each product has a recommended 25-milligram dose per serving, and can easily be adjusted to fit any lifestyle and desired experience. With no detectable hemp taste or smell, Azuca edibles are the perfect discrete CBD infusions. All Azuca’s products feature the patent-pending TiME INFUSION™ method for a guaranteed fast-acting CBD experience, no matter which edible you choose. Never tested on animals, Azuca’s products are vegan and cruelty-free, fitting into any diet or lifestyle easily. The hemp used in Azuca’s CBD products is from local, high-quality USA grown hemp. Azuca prides itself on being a CBD company that makes your CBD experience easy, simple, and delicious. In a world where everything is questionable put your trust in a company that has a proven track record for excellence and high standards.

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