Root Canal Treatment; Signs And Symptoms

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Root canal treatment may seem scary to all of us. In case you experience severe pain in your teeth, you will most likely need to go to a dental emergency clinic in no time. Fortunately, this treatment reduces toothache and returns you to your everyday life. But how do we know our teeth need a root canal? Root canal, known as endodontic treatment, is applied when your tooth nerve or the pulp becomes inflamed due to decay, or fracture, etc. During the root canal process, the dentist uses special tools called files and removes all the infected nerves and blood vessels to prevent other emergency cases.

Only a dentist can determine if your tooth needs a root canal! However, some emergency symptoms warn us about the need for an emergency dental appointment and root canal treatment. However, the physical symptoms are not usually recognizable in the early stages, and we all should regularly visit our dentist. Visit this website if you still need more information about emergency root canal treatment.

How To Know If Our Teeth Need A Root Canal


Toothache can always be a sign of tooth decay. If you feel pain while eating or drinking hot or cold foods, you should see a dentist as soon as possible.

Your dentist will check your toothache, blood vessels, or nerves and determine if they are inflamed because of infection. Depending on your condition, your dentist may suggest a root canal treatment.

Broken Or Cracked Teeth

Your teeth can be cracked or broken by eating hard food or excessive exercising. A broken or cracked tooth root may get infected easily, and sometimes, if left untreated, this infection even enters the bloodstream and causes more emergency health problems.

Sensitivity To Heat And Cold

Tooth sensitivity is another common symptom that indicates you need root canal treatment. If you feel toothache while drinking coffee, tea, it may be a sign of your teeth’ problem. Even if the pain disappears after a while, emergency dental care may be required to prevent more severe cases.

Cold foods and beverages may also cause pain in people with infected teeth. In this case, your dentist will probably prescribe root canal treatment.

Gums Swelling

Swollen gums usually indicate a problem under your tooth surface. If your damaged tooth is inflamed, it could be a sign that you need root canal treatment.

Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration is usually due to poor oral hygiene. Some foods and beverages cause stains on the tooth surface and change its natural color. But in some cases, tooth discoloration can be the result of infection inside your teeth and gum.

Deep Tooth Decay

once tooth decay reaches the tooth root, toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash can no longer be helpful to solve your problem. caries usually starts with small cavities, but they gradually spread and lead to emergency problems if you ignore them. in such cases, root canal treatment will be the only option.

The Root Canal Is Not Painful!

Most people are scared of root canal treatment and somehow avoid it, but it will ultimately be painless if a professional endodontist does it.

Of course, you will feel a little pain after the treatment. But this pain is also temporary and can be reduced with painkillers prescribed by your dentist. Toothache is usually expected for a few days after the root canal and will disappear soon, and you should not worry about it. But if the pain remains after a few days, make sure to see your dentist.

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