Why You Should Opt for Biologics Treatment

Wanda Rice

Are you suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, or other inflammatory disorders which are making your life difficult? You should opt for biologics, especially if other treatments have failed to treat your condition. Some people can have adverse side effects due to medications, and biologics might be the best option as they are derived from their cells. Biologics are genetically engineered cells from your cells that stimulate the body to heal fast. You should look for an expert in biologics in Houston who will educate you on the procedure. Read on to learn why you should go for biologics instead of conventional treatment.

What Are Biologics?

Biologics are made of human cells harvested from your body and engineered to have a high potency to stimulate the cells in the body to produce proteins for healing. They do not contain chemicals that could hamper the healing process and other bodily functions. The biologics are specifically created to impair and block certain immune system functions. Unlike the medications that target inflammation symptoms, biologics target the functions of the proteins involved in inflammation.

How Are Biologics Administered?

You would think there are living components in your medicine; however, the proteins are drawn from your body and engineered in the labs, and the end material might not be alive. It would be best if you thought of it as the steak found in the market, which should be preserved to prevent it from going bad. The biologics should be administered as shots like infusions or injections. If you were to ingest it, the stomach acids would break down the proteins making the medications inefficient.

Benefits of Biologics

They are safe

Safety is important when choosing the drug therapy that works for your condition. Since the biologics contain cells derived from your body, they would be safe. You are least likely to get an adverse allergic reaction to your cells. Moreover, the treatment does not give side effects similar to that of chemical medications.

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The drug is affordable since you would use your cells during treatment; the only cost you would incur is the engineering of the proteins in the lab and the cost of medicine administration. Moreover, if your insurance covers the costs of treatment, the overall costs would be significantly reduced.

The Side Effects

Some people think taking biologics could wipe away your immune system, resulting in infections and other health risks. Although they affect the immune system, it is wise to get a  cancer screening before opting for the treatment to avoid cancer spreading quickly. Moreover, everyone under biologics treatment should take age-appropriate immunization for flu and pneumonia to prevent infection risks. However, the effects of the medications are short-lived, and it affects individuals only during the treatment period.

The Bottom Line

 Natural treatment is a better option when dealing with inflammatory infections such as rheumatoid arthritis. Conventional medications only affect the symptoms of the infection, while biologics affect the proteins that cause infections. Additionally, the treatment is cost-effective and has few side effects since the components are derived from your blood cells. However, since the infection affects the immune system, it is better to scan for cancer and other infections before starting the treatment. However, you can have better health outcomes in the long run after completing treatment.

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