What You Should Know About Upper Extremity

Wanda Rice

When the bones, muscles, nerves, and joints fail to function normally, the overall quality of life can suffer. Suppose you are experiencing pain in the hand and the upper extremity area. In that case, Dr. Daniel Brereton in La Jolla is a specialist who, together with his team, offers advanced surgical and non-surgical treatment services. He is dedicated to offering satisfactory care by taking time to understand your specific needs before customizing a treatment plan based on diagnosis and lifestyle. Dr. Brereton treats people of all ages and performs any surgery, no matter how complex it is.

When should an upper extremity specialist?

Upper extremity specialists concentrate on diagnosing, treating, and preventing problems in the hand, elbow, wrist, and shoulders. Though some injuries may heal on their own, others may require the attention of a specialist. Contact the doctor if you experience the following signs:

  • Pain while resting on the hand
  • Persisting pain and stiffness when you begin an activity
  • Difficulty in holding or gripping an object
  • Pain, swelling, and redness that persists when you perform an activity
  • Numbness in the fingers and hand
  • A reduction of muscle tone in the hands
  • Difficulty in performing your day-to-day activities
  • A reduction of movement in your hand, wrist, or fingers

Such symptoms require immediate intervention because they can indicate a serious issue like a fracture or dislocation.

How is the treatment for upper extremity done?

The treatment for the upper extremity depends on several issues, such as its severity and the cause. Treatment can include:

Pain Medicine; the doctor will recommend pain medication when pain in your arm, shoulder, hand, or elbow is severe.

Anti-inflammatory drugs; pain that occurs due to inflammation will require anti-inflammatory drugs to alleviate the cause and pain. These drugs can be given in the form of intravenous medication or orally.

Physical therapy treatment; this can help alleviate pain and return to normal functioning when you regain range of motion and strength in the hands, wrist, elbow, or shoulders.

  1. Surgery; Surgery can be done in extreme cases such as fractures, torn tendons, and or ligaments.

How do I prevent pain of the upper extremity?

Most of the time, the pain of the upper extremity occurs due to preventable conditions or injuries. The following can help you prevent the pain:

  1. a) Before exercising, make sure that you stretch.
  2. b) During physical exercise, you should determine if you are doing the exercise correctly to prevent injury.
  3. c) Wear protective clothing while in sporting activities
  4. d) Maintain your weight
  5. e) Perform physical activities carefully, such as lifting heavy objects correctly

In case you experience persistent pain that interferes with your daily activities, visit your doctor so that they can perform a proper diagnosis and offer appropriate treatment for you. When you seek help from a specialist, you will realize satisfactory results in getting back to your quality life. When you go for treatment, always ensure that you work closely with your specialist to ensure that you return to your normal activities and productive life.


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