7 Healthy Late-Night Foods To Curb Your Nighttime Cravings

Wanda Rice

Horror stories that prohibit eating after 6 pm are things of the past. Today, healthy eating trends convince us that eating at night is acceptable and often necessary. So do not worry, you can eat foods that are less than 200 calories at night. Nutritionists offer seven food items that are not harmful to health and shape.

Eating Before Bed Time

It has been proven that it is difficult to fall asleep when hungry. This leads to nervousness, insomnia, metabolic disorders, and gastrointestinal diseases. When deciding to eat before bed, it is important to remember that at night, digestive activity and calorie expenditure gets reduced. Plentiful food causes heaviness, takes a long time to digest, and provokes obesity.

Also, keep in mind; you should not eat such foods at night that can lead to insomnia. These items include cheesy pizza, alcohol, carbonated drinks, etc. For improving the quality of sleep, avoid drinking alcohol. The lesser the alcohol abuse at night, the better the rest will be. But if you are addicted to alcohol, you should learn how to sober up fast and improve your sleep quality.

Moreover, if you really want to eat, then choose easily digestible foods with low-calorie content. You should give preference to protein foods and finish meals an hour before bed. A portion should not exceed 200 and fit in 150-200 kcal. In this case, you will not gain extra pounds. Moreover, you will be in good shape and cheerful mood.

What To Eat At Night?

Light foods that can get quickly absorbed in the body will not do much harm. Focus on fiber, protein, low-calorie foods. You should definitely avoid eating sweets, pastries, sausages, alcohol, and fried foods. Let’s take a look at the best late-night foods.

1. Vegetables 

An ideal option for a late dinner is non-starchy vegetables in any form: boiled, fresh, or stewed. In the evening, you can safely prepare vinaigrette, a salad of fresh herbs with cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc. But refrain from adding mayonnaise in such salads, especially if you are eating them at night.

A variant of a healthy dinner will be squash caviar, baked eggplants (bell peppers, cauliflower, pumpkin, carrots, and broccoli). You can eat vegetable stew (no potatoes) with green peas, celery, beets. Such a night snack will allow you to lose weight and put your figure in order.

You can eat any vegetable that is high in fiber and low in calories at night. With regular use, they improve well-being, intestinal function and remove toxins.

2. Fermented Milk Products

You can eat or drink fermented milk products at night. An excellent snack will be fermented baked milk, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, or kefir. These products do not give heaviness, satisfy hunger, and replenish calcium reserves.

They will not cause any health damage but would help to make the digestive tract healthy and calm the nervous system. If you are eating these products late at night, eat them in moderation.

3. Meat

In the evening, a chicken breast or turkey will help you quickly get enough sleep peacefully. It is permissible to eat 100 g of lean poultry meat. But you must cook it correctly; remove the skin, and then choose any of your favorite methods: baking, stewing, or boiling. But in any case, do not fry the meat. Fried food, especially at night, is not a healthy option.

Fresh, stewed vegetables are suitable for a side dish. You can even eat a turkey. Lean, properly roasted meat is low in calories. It normally contains 54 calories. Turkey is not only nutritious but also gives you a feeling of satiety.

4. Fish

A small portion of lean fish will give you satiety and digest quickly (100 g = 120-150 kcal). For an evening meal, choose white varieties of sea/river fish: herring, cod, tuna, etc. You can cook in advance (bake, boil, make aspic).

When paired with fish, it is useful to eat spoons of vegetable stew or salad. You can eat baked vegetables with fish. It will not only enrich the taste but would also enhance the nutritious value of your meal.

5. Eggs

A dinner of two chicken eggs will be harmless 1-2 hours before bedtime. Frying them is not recommended. It is better to boil or make an omelet (with a strict diet, an omelet is made from proteins). Such a meal will be 140-160 kcal.

You can also add fresh cucumber, bell peppers, and leafy greens. But if you are eating eggs at night, never add cheese to them. The body takes a longer time to digest cheese, so it is better not to eat it at night.

6. Mushrooms

Though many people like mushroom dishes with fried onions, potatoes, and sour cream. For a late dinner, such options are not appropriate. A healthy meal will be a soup made from boiled oyster mushrooms, champignons, chanterelles, white, etc. You can also bake, stew, or grill them. A dish of 100 g will bring 20-40 kcal.

A similar meal in combination with vegetables will enrich you with fiber, protein and give you satiety. But if you are planning to eat mushrooms, cheese, and vegetables (i.e., pizza) together at night, you should drop this idea immediately.

7. Berries And Fruits

For evening snacks and consumption at night, use low-calorie berries/fruits, in the volume of glass, they will bring 40-80 kcal. Feel free to take raspberries, kiwi, currants, strawberries, papaya, peach, guava, quince, watermelon, etc.

You can eat a couple of apples, pears, orange, grapefruit, and tangerines. A dinner of these products will replenish the supply of vitamins, saturate with fiber, and stimulate the digestive tract. But you should not eat grapes, bananas, avocados, bread, sour cream, and sugar apples at night.

Summing Up

Hunger will not let you fall asleep and create nervousness. Therefore, do not torture yourself and have a snack before bedtime. In addition to the listed products at night, you can eat several slices of low-fat cheese or 2 tbsp. l. beans, lentils, and a handful of nuts.

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