Why You Should Opt for Joint Injections

Wanda Rice

Inflammation occurs when the body reacts to an injury leading to increased blood flow to the injured parts to help repair the tissues. Unfortunately, inflammation is accompanied by redness, heat swelling, and pain. Although inflammation can subside once healing is complete, it can be counterproductive, leading to chronic joint pain. If severe joint pain persists after undertaking home remedies and pain medications, you can use epidural joint injections. You should look for experts in joint injections in Eugene who can administer the injection and educate you on the procedure’s benefits. Here is why you should opt for joint injection.

Joint Injections Reduce Pain and Act as a Diagnostic Tool

A doctor can inject steroid treatment on the joint to relieve pain. In doing so, they will know the joint is the source of pain. However, if the pain does not reduce after joint injection, the doctor will learn the source of the pain is not the specific joint. Thus they will conduct other diagnostic tests to identify the source of pain.

A joint injection is a therapeutic tool that reduces inflammation, temporarily allowing the pain to subside and thus improving your life. The procedure is minimally invasive and will reduce the discomfort associated with a swollen joint. Moreover, it can help improve the joint’s motion range and help improve the quality of life and only have a few side effects. Your doctor will recommend the joint injection only if the joint pain does not respond to other conservative treatments.

They Are a Versatile Treatment

Intra-Articular Injections to Treat Joint Disorders

The joint injections treat different conditions and range areas like the knees, hip, shoulders, elbow, wrist sacroiliac, and ankle joints. It deals with chronic pain associated with degenerative joint disease, arthritis, tendinitis, synovitis, plantar fasciitis, and gout, and your doctor should use ultrasound guidance to inject the joints with medications. The ultrasound helps see the surrounding soft tissues, nerve endings, and veins, and helps facilitate proper needle placement to deliver the medication to the suitable joint space.

The Joint Injection Can Be Combined With Other Treatments Which Enhance Pain Relief

While the joint injection only relieves chronic joint pain, it can be combined with other treatments that enhance healing. Moreover, you should seek physical therapy to strengthen the muscles after joint injection. The physical therapist will develop appropriate exercise and will not overwork the joint.

If you make the joint injection a part of the broader treatment plan, you might not require further treatments in the future. Furthermore, you can undertake modern regenerative treatments like stem cells which restore damaged tissues by stimulating the natural healing process. The additional treatments reduce joint pain, slow and degenerative conditions, and repair damaged joints.

Final Thoughts

Joint pain can reduce the quality of life, making it impossible to complete everyday activities. If the pain does not respond to medications, you can opt for epidural joint pain injections. They are a diagnostic tool that makes it possible to undergo the proper treatment. Furthermore, you can combine joint injection with other treatments which improve joint health. It will be better to go to a doctor who knows how to administer the injection. You should feel confident treating the joint pain with epidural injections.

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