What You Need to Know About Total Ankle Replacements

Wanda Rice

Las Vegas is a large city with plenty of excellent medical facilities. There are excellent centers that can perform a total ankle replacement in Las Vegas.

Ankle replacements have gotten more popular with advancements in technology. People are now getting them for a wide variety of reasons.

However, it can be difficult to know if total ankle replacement is for you. You should know as much about the subject before deciding to undergo the procedure.

The following are some things you should know about total ankle replacements:

They Solve a Wide Variety of Issues

Many people think that you have to get a total ankle replacement only when your ankle is destroyed completely. However, you can use a total ankle replacement to solve a number of issues.

One of them is if your ankle has been damaged by arthritis. If the deterioration caused by the disease is quite extensive, a total ankle replacement is the way to regain a modicum of, or complete, vitality in your ankle.

You can also get a total ankle replacement to remedy a deformity. Conditions such as diabetes that damage the foot may also necessitate a total ankle replacement.

Artificial Prosthetics Are Used

When you decide to get a total ankle replacement, you should know that you will lose the majority of all of the natural bone, ligament, and tendon tissue in your ankle. It will be replaced with artificial prosthetics made from metal or plastic.

A total ankle replacement will begin with a surgeon removing the entire ankle and its bone structure. It will then involve replacing the main parts with metal and the connecting ones with a strong plastic.

You should note that you will take some time to get used to the feeling of prosthetic joints and bones.

It is Permanent

Once you decide that you are getting a total ankle replacement, you should know that there is no going back. It is simply impossible to remove the ankle bones and cartilage and use them again.

The parts used in the prosthetic ankle may be changed after deteriorating due to wear and tear. In some cases, the entire ankle may be replaced again.

It is crucial to note that you will never have a natural ankle again. Therefore, you should give your decision a lot of thought since you will be permanently changing your physiological makeup.

There Are Significant Risks

As with any other medical procedure, there are risks to getting your ankle completely replaced. However, the risks associated with a total ankle replacement are different from other medical procedures.

A serious risk involves the failure of the metal implant to fuse with the bone, which is devastating. Another risk involves infection which will require the entire implant to be removed and replaced.

Moreover, if the implant does not attach to the bones properly, it may negatively affect surrounding bones and even lead to fractures. In addition to damaging other bones, it may also adversely affect nearby tendons, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels.

Only when you completely understand the risks should you undergo total ankle replacement surgery.

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