Common Myths About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wanda Rice

You probably hear that when your wisdom tooth starts to grow, you need to extract them, or it causes severe problems. Professional dentists don’t deny it, but there are many misunderstandings and myths about wisdom teeth and their extractions which make people completely unaware of their condition. Depending on a professional of wisdom teeth extraction in Scarborough, this type of extraction is not as painful as described. Still, unfortunately, there isn’t a correct sight about it in societies. Although having your wisdom tooth extracted is not pleasant and being anxious is entirely normal, believing in myths is unacceptable and may lead to regretful results.

Myth: You Can Notice If Your Wisdom Tooth Starts To Grow.

Many people think if they don’t see their wisdom teeth, they don’t have it, which is a completely wrong idea! Jawbone texture and soft tissues around your mouth can enclose your wisdom teeth, whichever makes them totally invisible. So it’s crucial to visit your dentist to take an x-ray which shows you your wisdom teeth and any related details.

Myth: There Is No Purpose For Wisdom Teeth.

If you think your wisdom teeth are useless and everyone is required to extract them, you are entirely wrong. Wisdom teeth performance is just like your other teeth, and you can benefit them in chowing, taking, and others in some cases. Also, research by professional dentists proved that humans historically use their wisdom teeth as they have bigger jawbones and more space in their mouths. However, the new lifestyle and diet caused by considerable technological developments make your wisdom teeth useless than in ancient periods.

Myth: Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Extremely Painful.

Wisdom tooth extraction is considered an oral surgery that has the usual risks like any other surgery. Nevertheless, this surgery’s success rate in patients with good general health is significantly high, whichever makes it a safe and reliable treatment. There are no significant complications after wisdom tooth surgery, and your surgeon will observe every necessary thing.

Myth: Early Wisdom Tooth Removals Aren’t A Better Option.

Depending on reliable studies, removing your wisdom teeth is becoming more and more challenging as you age. The younger you are, the smoother process you will have during wisdom tooth extraction.

Myth: You Can’t Eat Anything For Two Days After Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

Although your surgeon will thoroughly guide you about essential tips you need to follow, it’s better to know you can eat soft meals in days after the surgery. It’s vital to avoid solid foods and fill your diet with soft foods like ice cream, yogurt, etc. Ask your dentist to give you the complete list of permissible foods if you think you will forget them.


Myth: You Shouldn’t Brush Your Teeth For A Week After Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

It’s significantly important to maintain your oral hygiene 24 hours after your wisdom tooth extraction. In the first 24 hours, you can have your oral hygiene using your mouthwash. So don’t neglect it at all.

Believing myths can seriously put your oral health in danger, so try to achieve your information from reliable sources!

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