Why Birth Control is the Best Way to Have Control of Your Reproductive Health

Wanda Rice

Women have unique situations that drive them towards a particular birth control method. You could favor contraceptives while another person picks barrier methods as their to-go birth control method. Regardless of the technique you prefer, you must understand how it works. Memorial City birth control experts are ready to answer any queries you may have about birth control.

Benefits of Birth Control

Birth control is a term used frequently by many women. The word describes all the methods used to take control of reproduction. Birth control methods are many. Some of them need expertise, while some require you to walk into a drug store and make a purchase. However, regardless of the complexity of having a birth control method, they all offer the same utility—to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Birth control methods differ; while some prevent pregnancies alone, others help protect against sexually transmitted infections. Currently, other birth control methods exist to help manage issues such as endometriosis.

Deciding Whether to Complain to Your Doctor

What are the Available Birth Control Methods?

Birth control methods fall under many categories. Some help you in the short term, while others can help prevent pregnancies for up to three months. Many women who want short-term protection go for solutions such as patches, control pills, or even shots. Short-term solutions use one logic, which is to prevent the sperms from reaching your ova. Short-term solutions can also come in handy when you have endometriosis and looking for something to offer relief. You can talk to your doctor to provide a solution for your endometriosis and birth control.

  • Barrier Methods

These are common among young people. Condoms help prevent STDs while still protecting you from having an unwanted child. Barrier methods specific for women include cervical caps and diaphragms, which help prevent pregnancies.

  • Long-term solutions for birth control

These solutions involve long-term barriers that are implanted or using Intrauterine devices (IUDs). These solutions prevent the movement of sperms to the eggs, reducing the risk of fertilization.

  • Sterilization

This is a surgical procedure, which means you require a visit to your doctor for an in-office session. Most people who opt for this method have reached their required family size and do not want to have more children.

Who Should Consider Birth Control?

Anyone can opt for birth control. Memorial Women’s Specialists have the tools to give you the results you want in both the short and long term. The center offers a counseling session, which helps explain your reproductive health goals. Your Memorial Women’s Specialists will provide you with the method that fits your desire. For permanent solutions like sterilization, you have to sit down with your partner, if you have one, and have a candid discussion about it.

Birth control is helpful for many women when they want to control the number of children they have. The procedures can also help you avoid deadly STDs. Make a phone call to Memorial Women’s Specialists or book your spot online to begin your journey to better reproductive health.

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