What Happens When You Don’t Take Care Of Your Skin?

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Did you take the vitamins that your dermatologist recommended after you went through a prolonged illness to maintain healthy skin? As important as it is to take the right diet for your body, it is necessary to nourish your skin to prevent skin damage. What we generally see among people is that they keep skincare a low priority, spending hundreds of dollars on hair, nails instead.

It’s necessary to understand that your face is the reflection of your inner health. Whatever you do to other body parts, if your skin doesn’t feel luminous and soft, it all goes in vain.

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Read on for common skin conditions that dominate among people due to negligence in maintaining healthy skin.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the skin conditions dominate among people due to negligence:

Acne Vulgaris

Acne is a common skin condition commonly found in teenagers and if left untreated, becomes serious and leaves scars. Don’t apply any products or cosmetics by yourself to fix it. Avoid contact pimples and lesions with naked fingers. Discuss it with a specialist and take proper guidance.


Psoriasis is considered an autoimmune disorder, the immune system becomes overdrive and attacks normal cells of the body. Red itchy patches and flare-ups develop all over the body, especially on the knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp. People with severe conditions reach an elevated risk of death. If you notice even a slight symptom, visit your nearest private clinic and get yourself a treatment.

Eczema or Dermatitis

In this condition, inflammation comes up on the face, hands, feet, and folded areas of the skin. It is mostly seen in infants and children. Skin becomes dry and itchy and sometimes fever occurs. Explain to your doctor the situation and use topical ointment at the affected area to reduce the severity. Please avoid scratching the skin to not harm the area.


Too much sun exposure can lead your skin to cancer and make the ageing process start faster than normal. Your skin may also turn dark and wrinkles appear. Ensure the use of sunscreen while going outside. While choosing a sunscreen, consult your dermatologist. Generally the higher the SPF of sunscreen, the more it blocks out UV rays from reaching your skin.

Melanoma can Lead to Cancer

As we grow old, our skin loses its shape and wrinkles appear. To prevent it from happening earlier you must take care of your skin by taking a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.

Most importantly, Melanoma leads to skin cancer. So, Consult your specialist, get it treated at an initial stage, and save your skin from further damage.

Hives (Urticaria)

Sometimes, you develop an allergic reaction by contacting different food allergens and taking antibiotics. Additionally, Insect bites may also cause this allergic response. The acute infection goes away after a few days whereas chronic case anaphylaxis.

Under such conditions, the patient should consult a doctor to avoid further complications.

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