Good kidney, “Eating” out

Wanda Rice

A good set of kidneys, from the daily eating habits to raise out. Some experts say that the “high-risk behaviors” that cause kidney disease include the love of heavy food, staying up late, smoking, improper medication and so on.

To maintain good kidney, adhere to this universal dietary rules – drink more plain water, eat less salty food, eat less high-protein meat.

Among them, 95% of the salt in the diet is metabolized by the kidneys, if you often eat very salty food, it will increase the burden of the kidneys, which has a great impact on the kidneys.

Here are 2 recommendations for you to nurture the kidney soup, together to guard our kidneys!

CC Pork Loin Soup with Peanuts and Walnuts

Pork loin can nourish kidney energy, which is useful for relieving kidney deficiency and back pain, edema, etc. And peanuts and walnuts warm the kidneys and can moisten the large intestine and treat discomfort such as dry stools.

Ingredients: 30 grams each of walnuts and peanuts; 1 pair of pork loin; 1 slice of ginger.

Practice: pork loin to remove the tendons, wash, then cut flower knife, with peanuts, walnuts into the stew pot, add water to stew 2 ~ 3 hours, add salt to taste.

CC Yam and Goji Berry Pork Rib Soup

Chinese wolf berry nourishes kidney energy, nourishes the liver and brightens the eyes; yam generates fluid and benefits the lung, nourishes the kidney and astringent essence. This soup can nourish the spleen and stomach.


Ingredients: 250 grams of ribs; 20 grams of Chinese wolf berry; one yam; 1 piece of ginger, 4 to 5 red dates.

Practice: blanch the ribs in hot water to remove the blood, yam cut into pieces; put the ribs, yam, Chinese wolf berry, ginger, red dates into the stewing pot, add the right amount of water, stew until the ribs are soft and rotten, add salt to taste.

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