How Can An Adjustable Bed Change Your Life?

Wanda Rice

If you are one of the many people who suffers from discomfort whilst sleeping, investing in a double adjustable bed or a single adjustable bed will provide you with real, measurable relief.

Adjustable beds can assist with lots of medical related issues, such as; arthritis pains, respiratory conditions, circulation and back pain. They can also provide relief with recurring/aching sports injuries and even snoring! With an adjustable bed, you can gently ease up into a comfortable reading position without causing any unnecessary aches or twinges to your body.

More traditionally, adjustable beds have been used in health facilities such as hospitals or in assisted living facilities such as rest homes and retirement villages. However, now more people are aware of the benefits of having an adjustable bed it is becoming more common for people to buy them for their own homes. The benefits are enormous and the overall enhancement of a good night’s sleep will bring so many positives to your life.

Back and Hip Pain

One of the most common complaints from people about their beds, is that when they’re lying down, is an aching back or sore hips which causes the sufferer to constantly have to change their position in an attempt to find some semblance of relief. Whilst back and hip pain can be caused by many different conditions; by using an adjustable bed you will be able to relieve some of the pressure being placed on your spine and joints – which contributes to your pain management.

Circulation and Swelling

If you suffer from swollen legs or ankles you will have been advised by a medical professional to keep them elevated to prevent or reduce pain. Rather than using a tower of pillows to keep your legs elevated, an adjustable bed can elevate the affected area to help reduce your swelling. By sleeping with your legs elevated, you should wake up the next morning ready and able to jump out of bed and get on with the day. Plus being able to literally put your feet up after a long day feels amazing!


Individuals who suffer from arthritis might find that their joints are at their stiffest and most painful in the morning or late at night. By listening to your body and adapting your sleeping position, you can give your joints adequate support and give them a break – this will leave you feeling fresher in the morning. An adjustable bed can also greatly improve your posture; whilst using cushions to prop yourself up while reading or watching TV in bed can provide some short term relief, they can move around and leave you in an awkward and uncomfortable position. This could further exacerbate your pain symptoms – an adjustable bed doesn’t move once you’ve positioned it, unless you move it yourself.

A big positive of an adjustable bed is the positive impact it has on your independence. They make it easier and safer to get in and out of bed without assistance – this makes them the ideal choice for those who suffer from limited mobility or muscle weakness.

Adjustable beds come in single, dual and double options; so you can continue to share a bed with your partner even if your requirements differ. The wide choice of accompanying mattresses mean that you can choose the right level of support for you.

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