How To Stop Hair Loss?

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How To Stop Hair Loss?

Apart from ageing, several other factors could lead to hair loss and, most significantly, genetic and medical conditions. The underlying causes of hair loss will determine the treatment plans that would be most effective. Certain practices could be performed depending on the factors causing hair loss to strengthen the regrowth. However, research has indicated that every hair strand on the scalp has a lifespan of between 4 to five years.

This is influenced by the hair follicle that has active growth and transition but causes hair loss when disrupted. Other factors include extensive stress, medication effects and pregnancy, among others. However, if this condition escalates to the point that one is experiencing bald spots or patchiness, one should visit their primary healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment plan.

Is Your Hair Loss Normal?

Experiencing some hair loss is normal. Besides American Academy of Dermatologists states that it is a common practice to lose between 50 to 100 hair strands in a day. However, this is very minimal, and it is even difficult to notice to people with long hair since one has 100,000 or more hair follicles. Besides, women tend to lose more hair than men. Therefore, if you realize you are experiencing a noticeable amount of hair, you could be approaching baldness. It is advisable to visit your healthcare provider for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Causes of Hair Loss

Based on the American Hair Loss Association, hair loss is more common in men than women, with about 85% of men experiencing it when they approach 50 years. In most instances, it is caused by genetic factors, hormonal changes and certain medical conditions.

● Genetic Factors

This is basically due to the hereditary effect in that if one member of the family had previously experienced hair loss, there is a high chance of it being transformed to other family members. Also, this is related to age and is very extreme for young adults.

● Hormonal Changes

This is most common in women, especially those experiencing conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome and congenital adrenal hyperplasia. This condition is known to be causing higher androgen levels resulting in female hair loss.

● Experiencing Stressful Life Events

Stress life events like losing your loved ones, undergoing surgery or experiencing a serious illness could result in numerous hair loss. Also, experiencing hair loss could be stressful, contributing to more hair loss. Therefore, if one is experiencing these conditions, they should seek guidance and counselling to ensure they are comfortable. Besides, they could seek other medications to minimize hair loss.

●  Nutritional Deficiencies

This hair loss starts slowly, and it might even be difficult for one to realize. However, it is associated with not consuming healthy diet meals and having low levels of iron and vitamins in the body. Thus one is advised to take dietary supplements to correct it.

How to Stop Hair Loss

You can follow the following hygiene procedures to manage your hair properly and improve its overall health.

1. Avoid Bleaching And Chemically Treating Your Hair

Even though bleaching enhances the hair’s appearance, it has a long term effect of splitting the protein molecules which then result in the growth of thin hair. Therefore, if you want to maintain healthy hair, avoid high usage of dyes, peroxide treatments and perms.

2. Use The Appropriate Shampoo And Maintenance That Are Suitable For Your Hair.

Hair needs to be cleaned to maintain its healthy hygiene. The shampoo is the most appropriate method since they cleanse the hair dirt and excess oil produced during sweating. However, it is advisable to wash the hair with mild shampoos that are mild and suited for your hair but avoid over washing it as that harms the hair. Most shampoo contains sulfates as their ingredients.

Excessive use of products containing these ingredients is linked with causing dryness and fragile hair. Even though there is no definitive evidence of specific ingredients in the shampoo causing hair loss, but the excessive use of it has been found to contribute to less than ideal hair health. Besides, look for high-quality shampoos that are approved and covered by insurance.

3. Use Natural Fibers Soft Brush

When cleaning the hair, it is advisable to use the soft brushes made from natural fibers since they have been found to protect the hair’s healthy oil levels. The keratin protein responsible for hair growth are always stacked; hence brushing them gently helps to spread them, thus helping smoothen and condition the hair cuticle. Also, brushing the hair regularly helps to avoid hair clumping, thus minimizing hair breakages.

4. Avoid High-heat Hair Styling

Although this seems to be the most appropriate way of styling the hair, it leaves the hair follicle dehydrated and vulnerable to damage. The high heating tools damage your hair because they cause moisture in the hair shafts to expand.

5. Avoid Extensive Hairstyles That Pull On The Hair 

Hair is very flexible; however, it also has its elastic limit that undergoes permanent damage when stretched beyond it. Thus minimize the use of cornrows and tight braids as they are known to pull the hair so much from the scalp, thus loosening the bond contributing to hair loss.


Hair loss is very common in today’s society due to lifestyle effects; however, several potential options can be used to mitigate this condition. However, the effectiveness of these treatment plans will vary from one person to the other and also depends on the cause of hair loss. Besides, if the hair loss is extensive, you can seek other hair treatment plans like toupees and wigs.

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