Reasons to Consider Facial Plastic Surgery

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Accidents and congenital deformities can disfigure your face and affect your confidence levels. Likewise, old age can bring undesirable and stressful changes which can make you want to change your appearance. Your trusted New York, NY, facial plastic surgeon conducts facial plastic surgery to improve facial appearance and correct deformities. Before you seek this corrective procedure, there are several things to keep in mind.

Here are the four reasons to consider facial plastic surgery:

Eyelid Correction

Excess skin on the area around the eyes can be due to old age and can lead to a tired, sad, and exhausted look. It can also obstruct your vision and cause chronic eye irritation. In addition, some people suffer from excess headaches due to drooping eyelids. During a consultation, the doctor assesses the cause of the problem, and a detailed diagnosis is made. You can bring your old photos to allow the doctor to be more objective before proceeding with the surgery. After thorough planning, the doctor conducts the minor surgery, which does not require hospitalization in a medical facility. You can go home the same day; however, subsequent visits are necessary to assess your progress.

Elimination of Wrinkles

Facial plastic surgery is essential for eliminating wrinkles through injection therapy. In this treatment, the doctor injects processed blood plasma to fill facial wrinkles and stimulate facial skin regeneration for a youthful appearance. This procedure can take several months before you notice any changes.

Correction of Protruding Ears

People with noticeable deformities of the ear are victims of prying eyes and can feel socially isolated. For kids, there is a risk of being teased because of the protrusion and deformity. To prevent stigmatization, a doctor can recommend corrective surgery. However, they first assess the cause of the deformity before recommending surgery.

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A face or neck lift is recommended to correct the sagging of your facial skin. For example, sagging skin on your chin and neck area may need tightening. However, it is a major surgery that requires hospitalization for a few days.

Changing the Facial Profile

A balanced facial profile is essential; however, a receding chin can dramatically change your appearance and make one appear fearful or lacking confidence. Likewise, a reverse bite or protruding lower teeth can give an impression of a brutal person. Misalignment of the jaw and facial skeleton is known as incorrect bites, and face surgery can correct this procedure. However, your doctor recommends this treatment after an orthodontic pretreatment.

Correcting Nasal Problems

Obstruction of breathing and defects of the outer nose can necessitate plastic surgery. Likewise, nasal humps, dripping nose tips, and crooked nose are problems that your surgeon will discuss with you and recommend facial surgery. A thorough examination is necessary and may include a CT scan and x-ray to assess the nasal skeleton.

As you can see, there is a lot that a plastic surgeon can do for you. If you need to improve your overall facial appearance, contact the specialists at Norman J. Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS to start your treatment.

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