The Best Adults and Pediatrics Specialists in Texas

Wanda Rice

As a child, an adolescent, or an adult, there are a lot of medical emergencies that occur requiring immediate medical attention. It is essential to seek treatment from a facility qualified to deal with chronic diseases, acute illnesses, and other conditions in people of various ages. The next time you or a family member has a medical issue, book an appointment with Calvary Urgent Care, the best adults and pediatrics in Humble, for lab testing, physicals, and treatment of minor and major illnesses. Here are some of their main services:

Wound Care

Patients with an existing medical condition such as diabetes have wounds that last for a while without healing. These wounds increase the risk of infections, not to mention that they are a hassle to deal with. Professional wound care manages your condition by dressing and giving you pain medications to control infection and promote recovery. Seek treatment today if your wound is an issue.

Pregnancy Test

Some people prefer a hospital pregnancy test to confirm their home test. Having professional testing is essential because the doctor also performs ultrasound imaging to check on the health of the pregnancy. They can then begin precaution and care if there are chances of a high-risk pregnancy. Hospitals perform both blood and urine pregnancy tests.

Drug Testing

You may have been requested for a drug test before a job, promotion, or as a requirement by the state. The government and insurance companies usually request a drug test if you have recently been involved in an accident. Hospitals provide a 10-panel drug screening to check for the presence of marijuana, cocaine, and eight other common drugs. It is a fast procedure that gives back results within the shortest time possible.


We are always at a risk of getting a fracture from automobile accidents, sports injuries, or a normal slip and fall. It is essential to have further tests for treatment because untreated fractures increase the chances of further complications. You need immediate and professional care to protest or regain functionality after an accident.

STD Testing

An STD test checks for the presence of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections spread through sexual intercourse. According to statistics, there are nearly 20 million new cases of STDs in America annually. Most conditions do not have noticeable symptoms in the early stages, which could increase the chances of spreading.  Therefore, a test is important to begin treatment and protect your partner.

Travel Vaccines

When you want to extend your travel beyond international boundaries, you are also exposed to the risk of contracting a new disease not present in your home country. Experts and the government recommend vaccines against infectious diseases to prevent life-threatening diseases. Doctors choose the right vaccine depending on your destination and duration.

If you or a member of your family has an emergency that requires immediate attention, the team at Calvary Urgent Care is qualified to provide care to patients of all ages. They perform a full exam to establish the problem before customizing a treatment plan to suit your needs. You can book an appointment regardless of the day of the week as the team is available throughout for your health.

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