7 Things You Should Know About Your Eyes

Wanda Rice

It’s not a secret that the human eye truly is the most exquisite and marvellous piece of science. From the intricate design to the powerful abilities of our eyes, they enable us to give a lot of information in just a single glimpse. Our eyes are crucial for almost every aspect of our lives. Whatever we do, we are using our eyes probably every waking moment.

If we are blessed with these powerful devices, we must know everything about them. However, most of us don’t know the common facts related to our eyes. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best secrets about our eyes and also address some well-known myths.

Make-Up May Harm Your Eyes

You use makeup to enhance your beautiful eyes. But, it can lead to eye damage. We are not making it up. Many eye doctors claim that they have seen patients who got eye injuries from using make-up tools such as eyelash curlers and mascara brushes.

Corneal scratches and debris getting stuck under the outer layer of the eye could lead to a temporary eye injury. The treatment involves using antibiotic drops or an eye patch. However, you must not stress as eye injuries from makeup are quite rare.

Glasses Don’t Weaken Your Eyes

The most common reason why most people avoid wearing glasses is they think that doing so will weaken their eyesight and increase their reliance on glasses. However, it’s a common misconception and does not have anything to do with the real workings of the glasses.

Vision changes occur due to a host of reasons. While some of them are a result of our bad lifestyle habits, others happen naturally as we grow older. Thus, don’t hold back if you need glasses.

And there are so many stylish frames that’ll give you another reason to wear glasses including geometric frames and men’s clear frame glasses. Buy a stylish pair to enhance your vision as well as your appearance.

Smoking May Lead To Blindness

Just like our heart and lungs, our eyes are also at risk from smoking. People who smoke are two times more likely to develop vision-threatening eye disorders such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. AMD is the leading cause of blindness in the UK. the ingredients used in cigarettes harm the delicate blood vessels on your retinal wall which can lead to vision loss.

A Cataract Is An Inevitable Eye Disorder

A cataract is an age-related eye disorder that even the healthiest people will develop later in life. As we age, the crystalline lens of the eye turns yellow and loses its transparency. It’s a part of ageing that your eyes will go through in your 60s. So, everyone at some point in their life will require the use of glasses

Screen Time Doesn’t Damage Your Eyes

Many people have been led to believe that using computers or any digital device for long hours could physically damage your vision and eye health. But, according to experts, this is not true.

If you have a high screen time, you are most likely to feel symptoms of digital eye strain. Whether screen time leads to severe eye conditions, we can’t confirm. Even experts are looking for strong evidence before giving a verdict on the consequences of screen time.

However, eye strain is also uncomfortable. You can add a blue light coating to your optical lenses or reading glasses for women or men to avoid digital eye strain from screen time.

You Shouldn’t Wear Contact Lenses At Night

If you have a habit of sleeping in your contact lenses, you are exposing your eyes to severe damage. Contact lenses could lead to infections and complications in general. But, when you sleep in them, you become more vulnerable to these problems which could cause blindness.

If you wear contact lenses, make sure you clean them every day. Soak them in a disinfectant solution during nighttime to make sure they are completely safe to use when you next wear them.

Winters Can Make Your Eyes Dry

Colder months are harsh on your skin but your eyes are no exception. Cold and dry weather could lead to the problem of dry eyes. Our eyes produce tears to lubricate and wash away dirt or debris from the surface. But, dry air evaporates these tears and leave your eyes dry.

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