Redefining The Imaging Technologies with Dansys- Samsung HERA W10

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The Samsung HERA W10-new momentum of imaging is the premier model of HERA technology is an FDA-approved technology. This technology is specially designed to help the doctors to get an insight report of diagnosis with rich analytic features, intuitive visualizations, as well as instant operation. This new technology of the Samsung HERA W10 system is designed to support the healthcare of women. The HERA W10 is a smart as well as advanced Samsung’s new preeminent ultrasound technology. This smart technology is committed to delivering astonishing images. The Samsung HERA W10 advanced technology offers you access to state-of-art ergonomics, which helps to satisfies the medical care industry. HERA W10 is safe and secure technology for the patient and your data also will be secured. So, If you’re still looking for a perfect ultrasound system then you must try– HERA W10 is a perfect choice for you!

The Samsung HERA W10 delivers dynamic imaging technology with the help of Crystal Architecture™, an imaging architecture that combines the advance beaming beamforming technology with Massive Parallel Beam (CrystalBeam™ ) as well as the (CrystalLive™), which is completely based on the S-Vue Transducer™ which provides the crystal-clear image. The CrystalBeam™ is an advanced beamforming technology that is highly beneficial while delivering high-quality image or crystal-clear images. The CrystalLive™ is Samsung’s advanced ultrasound imaging technology with 2D enhanced image processing and 3D advanced visualization. Which helps you to provide an outstanding image performance as well as efficient workflow during complex cases.

The CrystalLive™ is an advanced sophisticated imaging processing technology that helps you to make more confident in diagnoses with the help of 2D fundamental images. “ShadowHDR™” is a key core feature of 2D imaging function it helps you to show the shadowy areas. It is applicable for use in highly attenuated regions, such as the fetal head or spine. The ShadowHDR™ selectively applies the high-frequency as well as the low-frequency of ultrasound in order to identify the shadow areas where the attenuation befalls. Another advantage of the 2D image is “HQ-Vision™” which helps you to provide clearer images by mitigating the characteristics of ultrasound images that are slightly blurred than the actual vision.

The CrystalLive™ advanced 3D visualization provides users with more realistic as well as high-resolution images. These, conventional 3D imaging technologies help to view the small parts with lighting. Not only this but also you can visualize the internal as well as external structures. Here are some advanced features of CrystalLive™ 3D visualization. The CrystalVue™ is an advanced volume rendering technology. It helps to enhance the visualization for both internal as well as the external structure in a single rendered image. It happens by using a combination of intensity, gradient, and position.

Advanced Optional Features of Samsung HERA W10

  • 5D Follicle
  • CrystalVue
  • CrystalVue Flow
  • RealisticVue
  • LumiFlow
  • QuickPreset
  • MobileSleep
  • QuickScanTM
  • EzExam+TM
  • E-breast
  • E-StrainTM
  • E-ThyroidTM
  • BiometryAssistTM

The advanced color imaging function of CrystalLiveTM has been improved to visualize the hemodynamics of the blood flow clearly. The greater sensitivity of color signal processing technology helps you to visualize the more accurate detection of peripheral blood vessels as well as the microcirculatory blood flows. The MV-Flow™ helps you to visualize the slow flow of microvascular cells. And, the second advantage of CrystalLiveTM color imaging function is S-Flow™. This S-Flow™ imaging technology helps you to detect peripheral blood vessels. And, the most important function of CrystalLiveTM is LumiFlow™. LumiFlow™ is a 3-dimensional visualization that helps you to understand the blood flow structure easily.

Effective real-time collaboration, for your work

The Samsung HERA W10 helps to streamline the workflow in order to help the user to work efficiently without taking much time. Users have the customized option for their diagnostic settings based on the protocol. With one simple touch, the user can select the most common transducer as well as the preset combinations.

Dansys | Ultrasound

System Standard Features

  • Customized 13.3” touch screen
  • Color Flow Mode
  • S-Harmonic Mode
  • QuickScan™
  • ClearVision
  • MultiVision
  • 21.5-inch LED monitor
  • Mood Light
  • EC transducer holder
  • Cardiac Measurement
  • Tissue Dopler

The users of Samsung’s HERA W10 have the option to customize it. Through this customization option you”ll get to streamline the examination process much faster.

Seamless Workflow

  • The wide control panel is a rotatable function with a top-notch mechanism.
  • The touch customization allows you to change the position of the button on the touchscreen for each mode.

Why Do you Need to Choose Dansys- Samsung’s HERA W10 system? 

The Dansys- Samsung’s HERA W10 system is an FDA-approved technology in UAE. We are most trusted as well as a well-known supplier of healthcare solutions & medical equipment throughout the UAE. This new high-end Samsung HERA W10 system is designed to get an insight report of diagnosis with rich analytic features, intuitive visualizations, as well as instant operation for hospitals and private care.

We are committed to helping you in various ways through our top-notch advanced technology in order to assure patient satisfaction. We “Dansys Group” is a top-rated global medical equipment provider throughout the UAE. Dansys Group- Samsung HERA W10 advanced technology offers the user access to state-of-art ergonomics, which helps to satisfies the medical care industry. We’d love to share more about the Dansys- Samsung HERA W10 system. We’ll deliver the best-in-class technology at a cost-effective price for you!

Dansys made a reputed name in the market by providing the top-grade Samsung HERA W10 technology. We ‘Dansys’ sells all the major brands of the top-rated medical equipment in UAE and also throughout the world. Contact one of our Samsung HERA W10 specialists to discuss your facility’s needs, as well as requirements, and clinical applications to match your needs. Go and explore this advanced technology today at Dansys Group!

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