Benefits of Thieves Essential Oil Explained

Wanda Rice

According to legends, Thieves Essential Oil is a blend of five essential oils that protected four robbers from contracting the plague in France while they were out to steal from the house of the people. This is just a story to some, but according to various studies, it’s based on true events. When those thieves were caught up, they were demanded that they share the recipe or they will be killed. And ever since we have become fortunate enough to reap our benefits from the formula of thieves’ essential oils.

So, What is Thieves Essential Oil?

Thieves Essential Oil is a blend of clove, Lemon, Rosemary, Cinnamon, and Eucalyptus. The blend has oil with multiple benefits and uses, and it is famous as it promotes immunity and antibacterial properties.

Thieves Essential Oil Uses: 

There are more than 50 uses for Thieves Essential Oil. The oil boosts our immune systems and comes with energizing properties. It can be a useful source for cleansing utensils, cleaning the clothes, and cleaning the floor with accompanying endless health benefits. You can reap these benefits of Thieves Essential Oils from the Young Living product.

Here are Five Benefits of Thieves Essential Oil: 

  • If you have a wound or cut on the body, applying some drops of thieves’ essential oils will prevent it from getting infected. The oil is not only advantageous for us but even for animals if they have any wounds or cuts.
  • If you are a chain smoker and have tried many times to quit smoking without any success, try thieves oil. It is said that applying thieves oil on the tip of the tongue will help you quit smoking.
  • It is also a good idea to use it in a diffuser, as it can help you increase your concentration and also have the tendency to improve your mood.
  • Thieves oil is edible, and adding a few drops to your glass of water or juice will help to have better immunity and help combat cold.
  • It is blessed with the ability to shrink pimples and make them disappeared from your skin. It can lessen the lifespan of those red bumps on the face.

There are other advantages of Thieves Essential Oils for the betterment of your over health; let’s see what all are they: 

Helps to improve your wellness: It can not only improve your physical health but mental health as well. As we all know, the correlation between mental and physical health, and curing mental health can automatically fix physical symptoms. It helps soothe our minds and promote relaxation to the body. 

Boosts Immune system: So, if we manage to have a healthy immune system, what can be greater than that? After all, all the diseases will be at bay, if we have a strong immune system. If you have been getting sick more than usual, then you must consider thieves oil. It can be beneficial for you to combat unwanted diseases like colds, coughs, and fever. 

Reduces Fever: Lemon oil lowers the level of free radical activity and reduces fever, and clove essential oil contains anti-inflammatory characteristics as well. Whenever you feel feverish, it is advisable to use thieves essential oil. 

Prevents Infection: As you know it comes with the anti-bacterial property, it is highly recommended to use thieves oil to prevent yourself from unwanted infections and the spread of infection as well. 

Thieves oil has so many benefits, that it becomes difficult to list them down all in one go. This is the essence of thieves’ essential oil. It is a perfect natural remedy to avoid sickness, cold, cough, and others.

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