Effective Ultrasound Services To Ensure The Safety Of Your Baby

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in your journey of parenthood. For you to have a smooth experience, it is recommended you visit an obstetrician from time to time. During pregnancy, it is critical for you and the baby to stay healthy. You can be sure of this by going for an ultrasound in Lake Nona by visiting Contemporary Women’s Care to have a glimpse of your baby in your tummy to bring those happy moments close.

Ultrasound 101

Ultrasound refers to an examination process that involves the delivery of sound waves at a high frequency to display pictures of your internal organs, the fetus, and your uterus. A 2D ultrasound produces unclear photos, while a 3D produces detailed images that show the outline of your uterus and the baby from different angles. A 4D ultrasound provides more fine details by creating videos of your baby’s internal organs and external organs vital for examination. Ultrasounds can also diagnose health conditions such as fibroids, which tend to occur during pregnancy.

How To Prepare For An Ultrasound

Your gynecologist will instruct you on what to do before undergoing an ultrasound. One example is to walk-in with a full bladder when undergoing an ultrasound, as this aids in producing transparent images. Contemporary Women’s Care also recommends you wear cozy attire to expose your stomach throughout the ultrasound procedure.

What To Expect When During An Ultrasound?

Your gynecologist will need you to lie on your back so that they can gently apply a clear gel onto your stomach. This gel enables the sound waves to move through your internal organs to expose the required regions with a particular device called a transducer.

Your gynecologist slides the device over your stomach. The transducer conveys sound waves that bounce off your internal organs as they accumulate in your reproductive region. The information captured goes to a computer that produces videos or pictures. If you undergo an ultrasound during the early stages of pregnancy or want a reproductive health condition diagnosis, your gynecologist will use a transvaginal ultrasound. A transvaginal ultrasound involves inserting a little transducer wand into your vagina to reduce tissue quantity that the sound waves need to pass through.

How Safe Are 3d And 4d Ultrasounds?


All types of ultrasounds are safe. Doctors started using ultrasound in monitoring the development of fetuses about 30 years ago. The 3D and 4D ultrasounds employ a similar frequency and energy of sound as the 2D ultrasounds. These ultrasounds do not produce any harmful emissions or lead to side effects that could get in the way of your pregnancy or negatively affect your health. Further, ultrasounds help increase your chances of a safe delivery.

It is essential to get an ultrasound to monitor your baby’s development and detect any reproductive health issues that may affect your pregnancy. At Contemporary Women’s Care, you will get quality ultrasound services. Make appointments and reservations for the procedure by visiting the facility’s website or calling the office today.

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