Everything you Ought to Know About Telemedicine, its Advantages, and How to go About It

Wanda Rice

Whenever you wake up in the morning and experience a sore throat or fever, you can seek medical help from telemedicine in Morris Plains. They have qualified personnel who are capable of pinpointing the underlying cause of your problem and can prescribe your treatment from the comfort of your home. Their appointments are available at any time daily.

What is Telemedicine?

Gadgets such as tablets, computers, or smartphones are used to exchange information related to medical issues. The exchange of such information can be done over the internet or by phone. This kind of technology has made it possible to diagnose and treat acute or chronic problems related to health without having to go and physically visit a doctor.

Telemedicine came about 40 years ago but became more popular when the COVID-19 pandemic came about. These kinds of appointments are quick, convenient, and prevent exposure to other potentially sick individuals.

What are the Advantages of Telemedicine?

One could be able to meet doctors and specialists whom you could not have had access to if you had visited the health facility. It is also advantageous to people who come from rural areas since they mostly do not have access to a good health care system in place.

It is very much affordable since it is covered by insurance. It is convenient, especially if you are a parent or a caregiver who does not have a babysitter. It also saves you the hassle of navigating traffic and sitting in a waiting room for several hours.

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What Conditions Can Benefit from a Telemedicine Appointment?

It diagnoses a wide range of health problems such as strep throat, urinary tract infections (UTIs), fevers, food poisoning, coughs, asthma, yeast infections, cold and flu, stomach bugs, and upper respiratory tract infections.

Another benefit of a telemedicine appointment is when you need a qualified medical provider to answer your questions or when you need your prescriptions to be refilled.

What Happens During a Telemedicine Appointment?

All telemedicine appointments tailor each appointment basing it on your individual needs, symptoms, and health history. At the start of your consultation, your health care provider will review your medical history, inquire about the symptoms you are experiencing, and conduct a physical exam. You should follow the instructions which the provider is giving you, and do as they instruct you. Your provider may ask you to change the position of your web camera so that he or she can conduct a physical exam.

After the assessment and finding out the underlying cause of your symptoms, your provider will come up with an individualized care plan that meets your needs. It may include medicine prescription, in-office checkup, or buying over-the-counter pain medication. The provider can also prescribe other measures of care to be done at home, such as drinking plenty of fluids and resting.

In summary, telemedicine can bring you closer to a specialist without having to physically visit them. You can get help from the comfort of your home, and there is no need to be held up in traffic and having to wait for hours in the waiting room. Whenever you are not feeling well, please book an appointment online at Live Urgent Care or call the nearest location.

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