How Does Cancer Affect Fertility? – Some Useful Facts Revealed

Wanda Rice

Cancer can really be devastating and affect the human body in the worst manner. It is important to know that it can have ill effects on fertility in both males and females. The couple, who has been trying to have a child before cancer, feels depressed and loses all hope. However, a recent study in the healthcare industry has revealed various noticeable facts about oncofertility in Encino. Some of them are elaborated below:

Many people want to know if cancer can cause infertility in men and women. The answer is that some types of cancer can be responsible for infertility while others are not. If the reproductive organs are removed due to cancer, it can cause infertility. Besides that, chemotherapy and radiation in the pelvis and abdomen can also lead to infertility. The reason may be unknown and most doctors are not able to give you a fair idea of how cancer treatment can affect the overall health of a human being.

  • Factors Affecting the Body

In most cases, the effects of cancer are dependent on many factors such as age, current fertility status, and the treatment which you are receiving. Some people may experience infertility for a short time and regain it after a while. However, others may get infertility on a permanent basis. Your doctor will be able to discuss these cases with you in detail.

  • Waiting Time to Conceive After Treatment

People, who have been trying to have a child before cancer, may get impatient to get pregnant.  They should get in touch with their healthcare provider about how long they should wait to conceive. It majorly depends on the type of cancer, treatment options, and the body’s response to cancer. For women, waiting for about two years is recommended. In this duration, she is able to recover from the effects of cancer treatment. If a female gets pregnant during the recovery, it may have bad effects on the baby and the female as well.

  • Fertility Preservation Options

Due to the advancement in the healthcare industry, several fertility preservation options are available. Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) can be opted to preserve embryos or eggs. In case of radiation in the abdomen or pelvis, the ovaries are transposed so that they are not exposed to the harmful effects of these radiations.

If you have been trying to have a child and are unlucky to get cancer instead, you must discuss it with your healthcare provider.

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